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Pokemon Journeys Episode 78 Release Date, Time, and Recap

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 78

Pokemon Journeys Episode 78: The Season was first premiered on December 11, 2020, in Japan and June 2021 in Canada on Teletoon. In the US, it will be released as a streaming TV season with the first 12 episodes premiering on Netflix on September 10, 2021. In this article, we will discuss what happened in the previous episode 77 and the release date, time of episode 78. Let’s begin the article with a quick recap.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 77 – Recap

This episode jumps right into the battle. We get a little bit of conversation between ash and Volkner where they reminisce on their old battle. Volkner sees Ahs’s Z-move and says he’s excited and then they both go to the stadium. The battle first begins with Lucario versus luxray. Ash with Lucario and Volkner Luxray. Luxray starts with electric terrain and uses rising voltage. That move has extra power when it’s used in electric terrain. So it forces Ash to switch out as his Lucario. Ash switches to Gengar who’s faster and is able to dodge moves and is able to combo psychic and nightshade. It forces Volkner to switch out Luxray. Volkner then pulls out his Rotom Fan to counter Gengar’s speed. Rotom Fan can keep up with Gengar and is even faster because he’s able to dodge Ganger’s ice punch before he uses Thunder wave.  

In the next battle Ash brings out his Pikachu and he’s able to trap Rotom in the Electro web. But Volkner quickly switches out before being hit by Thunderbolt. Instead, he brings out Electivire who has was overdrive so he can absorb Pikachu’s Thunderbolt and get faster.  

Pokemon Journeys Episode 78

Now that his speed is boosted Electivire is able to hit Pikachu with a fire punch. Pikachu then goes for the iron tail but Electivire is able to dodge a lot of Pikachu’s moves. So Ash then returns Pikachu and brings out Lucario. Lucario then uses an aura spear to counter fire punch from Electivire. Before using double team and a second aura spear to try to hit it, this time Electivire just spins and hits back all of the aura Spears and blocks it. It then is able to hit Lucario with the thunder punch which paralyzes it.  


Volkner then calls back his Electivire and calls his Rotom Fan who uses a power boosted hex now that Lucario’s paralyzed. Ash Lucario’s reversal since he’s going to be slower to double power hit the Rotom Fan K.Oing it. Lucario then shakes off the paralysis before Volkner calls his Luxray again and sets up electric terrain. However, this time instead of Lucario using aura sphere from a distance, so that the same thing can happen as before. Lucario gets right into Luxray’s face and uses an aura sphere while getting hit by a rising bolt causing a double K.O.  

Pokemon Journeys Episode 78

Finally, it comes down to Electivire versus Ash’s Pikachu. The electric terrain setup by Luxray is still in effect at the beginning. So when Ahs goes for iron tail versus Electivire wild charge Pikachu gets sent flying back. After the electric train goes away Ash goes with iron tail again. Since this time Electivire doesn’t have the speed boost from earlier since he was called back Pikachu is able to get a direct hit on it on its head. It is also a call back to their gym battle from diamond and Pearl and is able to get a nice hit on Electivire. Finally, Pikachu decides it’s time for 10 million votes Thunderbolt. So Ash uses Pikachu z move and Electivire tries to contain all the electricity from the move but it’s too much. AAnd its K.Os Electivire. Ash wins and his ranking bumps up to 64. Volkner tells him that he could be the eye of the storm to really disrupt not just the ultra-class but also the master class. This also includes Cynthia which we hadn’t seen in such a long time and we find out she was watching the match. The episode ends with a note that Ash could be headed to battle with them soon. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 78: Release Date and Time

Pokemon 2019 or Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 78 is all set to release Friday, August 27, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST on TV TOKYO. The title of Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 78 will be “The Targeted Sakuragi Institute!”. Episode 78 Title in Japanese: 狙われたサクラギ研究所!.

  • Central Time Zone: 4:55 PM on Friday
  • Mountain Time Zone: 3:55 PM on Friday
  • Eastern Time Zone: 5:55 AM on Friday
  • Hawaii Time Zone: 11:55 AM on Friday

Where to Watch? you can watch Pokemon Journeys: The Series or also known as Pokemon 2019 season 24 episodes online on Netflix

 and on TV TOKYO. The episode Pokemon Journeys Episode 78 will release with English Subtitles. New episodes of “Pokemon Journeys: The Series” drop every Friday.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 78: Preview

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