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Pokemon Journeys Episode 74 Release Date, Recap & Preview

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 74

Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 74 is titled “Darkrai – Midsummer Night’s Dream“. The series comes to end and only a few episodes left. Pokemon Journeys: The Series (2019) has a 6.3/10 IMDb rating. In this article, we will talk about what happened in Episode 73 and the release date, time. We will also talk about where you can watch this amazing series online. Let’s start with a quick recap.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 73: Recap

Pokemon episode 73 was released on July 16, 2021, titled “Captain Pikachu! Advance Tairetsu!!“. At the beginning of the episode, our heroes go to the Galar region to research Phalanx when they find out about them through Cerise. While they’re in Galar Eiscue who’s asleep drifts over from where it’s supposed to be in Galar all the way to where all the Phalanx are located. Meanwhile, our heroes finally find a bunch of Phalanx. But they notice that one of them is out of sync. The leader of the group gets separated when Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on them as it looks like they are about to attack our heroes. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 74

Then while Goh helps the leader of the Phalanx who’s having confidence issues because he can’t get the other five Phalanx in line. The other five decided that Pikachu will now be their temporary leader while their leader is away. Pikachu tries to shake him off but can’t. In order to help the leader Goh brings out five of his Pokémon. He has his Pokémon follow Phalanx as a command until it gets enough confidence to get back to the group. Eventually, it does and when Goh brings the leader back to the five it starts to take in charge. That’s when the Eiscue who’s been having hijinks this entire episode finally shows up in front of our heroes and more specifically the Phalanx. Our heroes decide that this will be the perfect battle to see the Phalanx teamwork is on point.  

Pokemon Journeys Episode 74

A short battle here where at first it doesn’t look like they are still In Sync but eventually as a battle goes on they’re able to get more and more In Sync. They eventually sent the Eiscue back to the ocean where it starts to drift off again trying to find its home. The Phalanx then afterward discuss among themselves and eventually, they want to go with Goh.  

Earlier in the episode, Goh also captures the Galarian Stunfisk as he was looking for the Phalanx. Goh captures the Phalanx and our heroes are heading home happy. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 74: Release Date & Time

Pokemon 2019/ Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 74 is all set to release next Friday, July 23, 2021, at 6:55 PM on TV TOKYO. The title of Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 74 will be “Darkrai – Midsummer Night’s Dream“.

  • Central Time Zone: 4:55 PM
  • Mountain Time Zone: 3:55 PM
  • Eastern Time Zone: 5:55 AM
  • Hawaii Time Zone: 11:55 AM

Where to Watch?  you can watch Pokemon Journeys: The Series or also known as Pokemon 2019 season 23 episodes online on Netflix and on TV TOKYO. The episode Pokemon Journeys Episode 74 will release with English Subtitles.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 74: Preview

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