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One Punch man Chapter 140 Details And Plot

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One Punch Man Anime


The Anime lover’s evergreen love One Punch Man Chapter 140 will come out soon in the next manga series and the Blast’s build-up which has made all the manga readers thrilled. Blast has proved to all that he can efficiently take care of God-level threats like he quickly handled when he evades the attack from Flashy Flash who has the power to run on super speed. This seems that almighty God is very irritated from Blast, so in this One Punch Man Chapter, 140 will tell the different story of what happened between them in history.

What to Expect from this Chapter of One Punch Man

If you are a regular viewer of one punch man, then you may know about parallels between Saitama and Blast as the end don’t even remember the Tatsumaki whom he helped a few years back. Here are some more details about the One Punch Man Chapter 140 when will chapter 140 release, some spoilers, and some leaks raw scenes.


It feels that the excitement around Blast will be revealed soon as the lead character is now occurring at every place in anime. Murata may have thought that it is enough of secrecy for public and now the 140chapter of One Punch Man may show some more powerful scenes of Blast. Saitama and Blast’s interaction was so humorous, and now the spectators are eagerly waiting to see them working together in the future more.

One Punch Man Chapter 140

Some central News of One Punch Man Chapter 140

The anime One Punch Man may be seen conflicting with the webcomics after the scene in which the anime showed that Blast is way more powerful than what his fans considered him. But, if Chapter140 One Punch Man 

will follow its comic source, it possibly will feature the appearance of character Cadres’ in upcoming episodes.

But the Fans have at last saw Blast in its full power in previous chapter 139 of One Punch Man. As the story will continue in One Punch Man Chapter 140, webcomics lovers may get to see some more fictional characters that can either help to bring Saitama on its knees.

This is the best time for cadres to come out on screen. If this expectation gets true, this new chapter can follow the webcomic actions, In which the Psychos is hiding somewhere.

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