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The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 5 Plot, Spoilers And Other Details

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The seven deadly sins season 4 episode 5:  It is one of the popular anime’s. 5 seasons of the anime series are already rolled out. This anime series is released on multiple platforms and Netflix is one of them. Japanese is the original language of the series and English subtitles are provided. This anime series is not dubbed in Hindi, but you can find a Hindi explanation on YouTube.

The Seven Deadly Sins is the story of a kingdom who is overthrown by enemies with wrong intentions like the awakening of demons. Elizabeth is the last daughter of the defeated king. She promises to team-up ten holy knights to get their kingdom free from enemies. Elizabeth meets Meliodas, who is the cursed child of the demon’s king. Now, here is the written update of season 4 episode 5 which is released in February 2020.


The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 5 Preview

The episode starts with Elizabeth and her team fighting demons. Suddenly, Elizabeth starts lighting and pushes light energy to demons. The Winking Lord asks Elizabeth to end them not to save demons. But Elizabeth did not agree to him. He tries to use his power, but Meliodas opposes him. Meanwhile, Everyone there is confused and asks what is happening? Elizabeth explains that everyone god, human, demons have a right to live. Hence, she removed darkness from demons to end the holy war. Two Knights also help Elizabeth to destroy the darkness from demons. After so many efforts darkness was removed and demons were converted into human beings who’s body is covered by leaves. Lord Winking tries to kill them but holy knights stop him.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 5
The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 5

In another scene, humans attack goddess, god, fairies, giants. Humans try to kill many of them. They declared that they were on the demon’s side. Their desire is the same as demon’s. In another scene, we see that one goddess is trying to open the demon’s door to wake up demon’s. But, she finds that this is not the demon’s door, it is the demon’s prison.


In the next scenario, we see that two holy knights meet Gowther. Suddenly they come to know that he is a doll. In the next scene, real Gowther comes out of the demon’s prison. He tells the demon girl that he is feeling cruelty, pain, and other sins. This holy war was not supposed to happen. The episode ends here. This is the story of The seven deadly sins season 4 episode 5.


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