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Boruto Episode 207 Release Date, Recap & Other Details

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is one of the best Japanese shonen manga series written by Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto, and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. It is the continuation of all times top-rated manga Naruto. Boruto anime is the adaptation of this wonderful manga. The first episode of this anime premiered on 5 April 2017. And until now we received 206 episodes and 207 is going to come very shortly.

Boruto Episode 206: Recap

Boruto Episode 206 namedThe New Team Sevenstarts with Kawaki, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki go to find Naruto in a different world. The world is full of rocks. All of a sudden they met Boro, one of Kara’s inners. Kawaki warns others to stay alert because Boro is worse than Jigen in some ways. Kawaki asks Boro about Naruto. He gave him a giant black ball and says Naruto is inside that. He tells them that the ball can only be opened by Jigen and he also warns them that if they try to force it open or destroy it then the content of that ball may destroy. Listening to that all of them are very angry. Kawaki uses his powers and he can sense the chakra of Naruto.

Boruto Episode 206: Kawaki and Boruto start fighting against Boro

When they were distracted Boro tried to attack them. He uses some acid flood on them but Kawaki and Boruto use their Karma and absorbed the acid. After that Boruto and Kawaki start fighting against Boro. Boruto used Rasengan on Boro. But Boro regenerated pretty quickly, seeing they are pretty worried. Kawaki and Boruto attack him again with their Karmas. But Boro uses his ninjutsu and made a dark mist, which restricts them from using their powers. Boro hits Kawaki hard and comes to Boruto and called him The Vessel for Momoshiki.

The New Team Seven (Boruto Episode 206)
Boruto Episode 207: In previous episode, four of them fighting Boro

Mitsuki comes to their help and tries his wind power to blow the dark mist but he failed. Boro asks him to leave. But Mitsuki is stubborn, he attacks Boro with his snake power and successfully poisoned Boro. But Boro again uses his ninjutsu and heals almost instantly. Then Sarada comes to their rescue. She throughs a big rock on Boro. After that she takes Kawaki, Mitsuki takes Boruto, and retreat.

Boruto Episode 206: Sarada the captain of The New Team Seven

After going to a safe place they discussed the dark mist, they found out that it is a virus. Boro producing it with his body and it is a scientific ninja tool. Mitsuki injects some amount of that virus into their bodies so that their blood can produce antibodies and heal them. After Kawaki and Boruto recover t hey made Sarada as commander of their team because her decision to retreat kept them alive. Sarada called their team The New Team Seven and they are ready for a counterattack.


Sarada goes for the attack first and tells Boro that they have figured out his dark mist trick. Then Boro explains to her that until now he spread this virus in towns and after that, he saved them and became their savior. Listening to that Sarada is very angry with him because he has deceived so many people this way. Then they started fighting. But Sarada constantly keeps her distance because of the virus. But Boro read her moves and surrounds her with dark mist. Then Boro caught Sarada with her neck and tries to kill her. But at that time she used her fire ninjutsu on his face. After that Boruto comes and uses Rasengan jutsu and Kawaki resonates with Boruto’s power by using his Karma. In this way they defeat Boro, at least they think that. But Boro stands up and regenerates his head and laughs at them.

Boruto Episode 207: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Boruto Episode 207 will be released on Sunday, 11 July 2021 at 6:00 PM Japanese Standard Time.

Here are the times in different timezones –

  • 05:00 AM in USA
  • 10:00 AM in UK
  • 01:00 PM in UAE
  • 02:30 PM in India
  • 7:00 PM in Australia

Where to Watch?  If you are in Japan then you can watch all-new episodes on TV Tokyo and other networks. For viewers from North America, you can watch the anime on Viz Media. For viewers from outside Asia, you can watch all the released episodes of Tokyo Revengers online on Crunchyroll as Crunchyroll licensed the series outside of Asia. In Australia ABC Me is the channel that licensed this anime.

Boruto Episode 207: Preview

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