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One Piece Chapter 1011 Release Date, Recap & Every Details

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One Piece Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011: One Piece is a Japanese manga series, Manga is a traditional Japanese art form. The Manga series is written by Eiichiro Oda and published by Shueisha. The English publisher of this manga series is NA Viz Media in the United Kingdom and Madman Entertainment in Australia.

The series was first premiered on July 22, 1997, and has been running till the present. As a result, the series has completed a total of 98 volumes until now.

One Piece Chapter 1011: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1011 will be released on Sunday, 25 April 2021. The latest Chapters of the One Piece series will be available each Sunday but recently, One Piece is decided to taking a weekly break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1011

One Piece Chapter 1010 ‘Haoshoku’: Recap

One Piece chapter 1010 title is ‘Haoshoku’. The chapter Actually begins with the fall of big mom. Luffy looks like he has been defeated by the attack of Kaidou from the prior chapter. Moreover, Kaidou goes on to attack Zoro in order to free Prometheus but the law changes with Zoro and attacks Kaidou. Now here Prometheus actually managed to save big mom and ask her to do something but we do not know what exactly is happening here that is probably going to be resolved in the next couple of chapters.


Zoro tells that the attack he’s about to launch on Kaidou is the best that he can do at this very moment and if that does not work then he leaves the rest of them. Zoro’s final attack is the thing where he’s going to go all out.

Meanwhile, Zoro intersperses some dialogue with Kaidou while he’s using the Ashura attack and then he attacks him, and Kaidou is absolutely bewildered by this.

Kaidou is taken aback by it and here we get a huge information dump this is something very exciting and this is truly one of the biggest information dumps that we have seen in a really long time the last one probably being Rogers’s flashback itself. Now here Kaidou says that ‘it can’t be Haoshoku’ this is going to leave a scar upon me basically it is almost confirmed here that Zoro is also able to use conqueror’s haki or Haoshoku and Ashura attack is the one which actually enables him to do so here at this very moment. Because we have to remember that the Asher attack is not actually a physical attack as such it is a manifestation of his willpower add a kind of makes him look like a demon.

We are back in Enies lobby, this is the same thing that happened there it was a Zoro’s willpower that actually manifested this team and like form and now it is almost confirmed here that this is indeed the conqueror’s haki. Moreover, I’m pretty sure that Zoro was able to use conqueror’s haki from the time of Enies lobby he just did knew that at that very moment. Because remember even Luffy was not aware when he used the conqueror’s haki for the very first time. It is just something which they discovered on the battlefield especially during times of distress.


Unfortunately, this attack is not enough, and Kaidou attacks slow and he sees that enough is enough and he uses another powerful attack.

Luffy actually recovers and talks to Kaidou and here once again we get a huge information dump in relation to conqueror’s haki where Luffy says that when you hit me with your bat I understood everything did you use the Haoshoku? and Kaidou says that only the power you can do so.
After this Kaidou false before Luffy’s attack and Luffy says that at some point and in some way you will fall.


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