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What Is Instagram’s “Quiet Mode”? How to Turn it On and Off?

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Quiet Mode



Instagram has come up with a new feature “Quiet Mode” rolled out in 2023 and it’s worth knowing about it. Well, social media platforms keep rolling out new features that can help users to have better and more effective use of the platforms. The new feature of Instagram is something worth trying out if you wish to use your time effectively on Instagram. Here’s everything you must know about the same.

Read ahead to know more about Instagram’s new rolled-out feature “Quiet Mode” in 2023.

Instagram rolled out a new feature “Quiet Mode”

With 2023’s starting we are expecting a lot of new features to arrive on social media platforms. As we have already got some of them rolled out by now. The one that you must know about is a feature of Instagram. Well, if you have been an active user of Instagram and then surely this new “Quiet Mode” feature is something only for you.

The “Quiet Mode” feature of Instagram is all about managing your time well. So that you can limit your usage of Instagram. This will help in controlling the time spent on Instagram. As well as it will be helpful in keeping yourself safe from unwanted users. Which can be helpful for teens.

How to use the “Quiet Mode” feature of Instagram?

If you wish to try this new feature of Instagram too, then here we will let you know. All you can do with this feature is turn it on or off as per your wish. In case you wish to turn it in on, you’ll have to go to your Instagram. Then you have to select the hamburger icon that’s in the top right corner.

After that, you need to go the “Settings”. Then go for tapping on “Notifications”. You can find there the option of “Quiet mode”. You can choose it to toggle on or off it. You have the option in it to choose the hours you want to enable the feature on your Instagram.

Not to miss, teens will get a default message too on their Instagram. That will indicate them to turn on the Quiet Mode feature on Instagram when they are using the app late at night. Also, this feature when turned on will let one get a message in the notification in the DMs that ” [Instagram user] wasn’t notified about this message because they’re in Quiet Mode”.

More features of Instagram to try

While you can try the new “Quiet Mode” feature on Instagram in 2023 to manage your time and your interaction with other users. We have some more features of Instagram that have been rolled out by the app. This will suggest or help in the recommendations on the app.

One of the features of Instagram allows users to hide not one but more pieces of content that users don’t wish to see on the Explore page. Also, another feature of Instagram now lets you hide the post with certain words or emoji that you want to limit.

All these features are mentioned in detail in the latest 19th January 2023 blog Instagram for all to know.


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