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Young Thug’s co-defendant allegedly gave him painkiller in court

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Young Thug’s

The prospectors are alleging that one of Young Thug’s co-defendants gave him drugs in open court. Moreover, a video of the same is taking over social media.

Here is everything you need to know

Young Thug might be involved in a hand-to-hand drug deal in court

Fulton County District Attorney’s office filed a motion on Thursday in which they claim that a co-defendant of Young Thug handed him a Percocet pill.

In addition, the name of the co-defendant is reportedly Kahlieff Adams.

Meanwhile, a courtroom surveillance clip obtained by a news channel shows Adams standing up while walking towards Young Thug in court on Wednesday.

Young Thug was sitting next to his attorney at a separate table during that time. However, the video includes Adams giving Young Thug something.


The motion read, ‘Defendant Adams, who is currently serving a life-without-parole sentence for murder, conducted a hand-to-hand drug transaction with Defendant Jeffery Lamar Williams, in open court.’

It continued, ‘As a result of Defendant Williams’ and Defendant Adams’ possession and distribution, respectively, of contraband, the court was delayed and adjourned before a single juror hardship was addressed for the day.’

Furthermore, it is reported that a deputy supposedly ‘confiscated’ the pill from Young Thug after witnessing the exchange between him and Adams. 

Young Thug and his co-defendant’s attorney dismiss the Percocet charge

Kahlieff Adams’ attorney Teombre Calland related a statement to dispute the Percocet allegations made against her client.


She said, ‘These allegations are simply that: mere statements made by the State in an effort to thwart the lengthiness of the jury selection process. Mr. Adams adamantly maintains his innocence and looks forward to the conclusion of this trial.’

Besides that, Young Thug’s attorney Keith Adams claimed that the motion is trying to blame his client for others’ actions.

He noted, ‘The state’s motion is replete with factual inaccuracies, embellishments and attempts to make Mr. Williams responsible for someone else’s actions.’

Additionally, he pointed out, ‘The end result of an investigation into (Wednesday’s) incident was that Mr. Williams was not engaged in any wrongdoing.’

Why is Young Thug in jail?

Young Thug is currently accused of leading a street gang named Young Slime Life/YSL. Additionally, he is facing eight counts of violating Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations, or the RICO Act in Georgia. 

Besides that, the is charged with multiple counts including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, murder, and attempted armed robbery.

Young Thug alongside thirteen others is gearing up to face a trial in Atlanta this year.


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