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What Is Google Nose Beta And How Does It Work? is it Real or Fake?

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google nose beta

Won’t it be amazing if you got to smell anything virtually with Google Nose just like you see any image on google by searching? Well, certainly it would be. But guess what the new technology by Google actually claims of letting anyone smell anything virtually by searching for it on the internet. But is this technology of Google Nose real?

Read ahead to know the new technology of Google Nose that lets you smell anything virtually.

Google Nose Beta Gets You To Search Any Smell

Well, Google has let us search any picture on the internet easily, right? Also, it has allowed all to search for any sound easily. But guess what, what we still lack is we don’t have any technology to search smell of anything. However, Google Nose Beta here comes to your rescue.

Yes, Google Nose Beta, the new technology by Google actually claims that you can search for any smell on the internet. Be it any cuisine you want to smell or a flower you want to smell. Google Nose Beta will have the smells available for you just a search away on the internet.


Is Google Nose Beta real?

Certainly, Google Nose Beta was launched back in the year 2013. Ever since then technology has been in limelight. But how is it that we never got to know about this technology ever? Well, here’s what’s the truth behind the technology.

Google Nose Beta, a technology by Google is actually not a real technology but was a prank done by Google on April Fool’s Day. Hence, users have only known about the technology and never had it to use for real. However, this prank still remains to be fresh as ever. Surprisingly, Google even released a video on Google Nose Beta and people literally fell for it.

Users’ reactions to the Google Nose Beta

Back in 2013 when Google actually released a video on Google Nose Beta. People were unaware it was just a prank. Though the technology was a prank. However, it sounded as if Google has really dropped something bigger for the people to enjoy.

Later, the video got flooded with comments from the users saying that they actually fell for it and that it was an April Fool’s Day prank. Years have passed since the video of Google Nose Beta dropped on the internet. However, the prank seems to be not getting old to date.


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