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Verizon Users Receive Spam Text Messages From Their Own Cell Number, What to Do?

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People are getting a spam text from your own phone number,” you are not alone”. The situation is reportedly common and affects various consumers in the US.

The text appears to be appearing from people’s numbers. Hitting the sender’s details will similarly reveal your communication data. That’s because these are spoof messages that enable the sender to exploit contact evidence.

Documents about spoof texts developing from people’s mobile numbers have flowed in numbers on Reddit and Twitter over the previous few days. The spam looks like it is involving Verizon customers the largest, but as The Verge summarises, subscribers on other carriers are also watching comparable texts.

It is bad and troubling because this problem has been going on for a few days and a huge number of people have become part of it.

What will the carriers do about this? 

There isn’t anything consumers can do to settle the difficulty as this is something these firms need to deal with.

It constantly realizes that phone carriers are missing the war against defrauders. I don’t wish to have to argue with the sheer volume of spam assaults that come across their systems every day, but this is getting out of hand. I’ve seen an uptick in public SMS spam over the previous many weeks. 

And as Alex Lanstein pointed out on Twitter, this special message includes various terms — “free msg,” “bill is paid,” “gift” — that one assumes would be wanted by Verizon’s spam insurance systems. And previously it appeared successfully. And since this one indicated as appearing from me, the text also successfully evaded Apple’s “filter different messages’ ‘ feature.


So what can be performed?

To request many regulations of spam insurance, Verizon and other US carriers motivate customers to communicate spam texts to SPAM (7726). 

Some people might have waited about revealing spam “from” their number, yet. I’ve inquired with Verizon about what occurs in that problem.

Aside from those possibilities, all you can do is delete the texts and continue with the next scam move that comes across like it shouldn’t just be possible.


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