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Montana’s TikTok Ban: How Will the State Enforce the Short Video App Restriction?

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Montana has become strict with ban on the use of TikTok as it becomes the first US state to enforce a complete ban on the app. TikTok has long been in controversy for stealing the personal data of users and the government of several states has been opposing the use of the app. However, Montana seems to have taken action on the same. As it bans the app completely in the state.

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s complete ban in Montana by Governor.

TikTok and its controversy

Ever since TikTok gained popularity among users across the world. The app has even been in controversy over its security threats. The video-sharing app has been said to be imposing security threats on countries and its government as it uses the personal data of the users.

The app has been reported to be having Chinese background and is alleged of stealing data. This is why governments of several countries and states have been asking for a ban on the use of the app. In fact, Montana has already taken a step ahead in that direction.

Montana becomes the first US state to have complete ban on TikTok

Montana has become the first US state to have a complete ban on TikTok now. It was on 17th May 2023 that the Governor of Montana, Greg Gianforte signed the bill on ban of the app in the state. With this, the ban will get effective from next year.

The Montana government had even tweeted about why the ban had to be done on TikTok citing the reason as “To protect Montanan’s personal and private data from the Chinese Communist Party”. As per Montana Governor, the app has been a threat to giving data to the Chinese Communist Party.


How Montana is enforcing the TikTok ban on users?

Well, with the bill signed for the ban on TikTok by Montana Governor. The penalty for having access to TikTok won’t be charged to individual users of TikTok. Rather the app stores would be charged with a fine of $10, 000 per day if the app stays on their store for download.

Meanwhile, not everyone is happy with the ban on TikTok in Montana. Adversaries even believe the Governor’s decision about TikTok is against freedom of speech. Some experts even think that the law is still having loopholes in it. Not to miss, TikTok is having billions of users across the world.


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