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Will Creator Clash 2 feature MMA? YouTube star iDubbbz teases the next event

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Creator Clash


A Creator Clash 2 might soon be arriving as per the YouTube star iDubbbz but is it anything to have MMA? Well, the Creator Clash event lately created a lot of buzz in the influencer boxing world. While fans can’t get over it yet. They are keenly looking forward to knowing if there’s one more coming again or not. So, when is it happening?

Read ahead to know about Creator Clash 2 teased by iDubbbz.

A little about the first Creator Clash event

The event called the Creator Clash began this May 14th by the popular YouTube star iDubbbz. While it had 18 creators arriving at the Yuengling Centre in Tampa, Florida. It had the influencer boxing to another level by raising funds for a noble cause. In fact, while the event went ahead with some great creators.


We had the boxing fans really love the iDubbbz event a lot. However, now after the first Creator Clash. The fans of boxing are looking forward to the announcement about the next clash of the creators. But is it really coming soon?

iDubbbz teases Creator Clash 2

The organizer of the first Creator Clash was the YouTube star Ian “iDubbbz” Washburn. While his planned event became a massive hit with the 18 creators for the event. We had all the 10k seats for the event sold out. Not just that, the event even managed to sell 100 k PPV streams.

While the organizer was approached recently to ask about his future plans with Creator Clash. He did say that a Mixed Martial Arts clash can never be off sight for the Creator Clash 2. However, he didn’t tell what exactly he has in plans for the second part of the Clash.


iDubbbz on MMA for Creator Clash 2

iDubbz certainly didn’t go for a simpler version of the clash. Though for his next Creator Clash 2 he hasn’t decided on the name. Yet, everyone did want him to see if it can go a little diverted from influencer boxing.

While MMA remained a strong possibility. It looked as if iDubbbz isn’t sure about MMA yet he is unable to deny its involvement in Creator Clash 2. As such only, the time will tell if there’s going to be anything different and even more successful than that Or not.


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