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Where To Buy Nike LeBron 9 ‘South Coast’ Re-Launch: Release Date and Price

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Nike LeBron 9



Nike LeBron 9 launches with a South Coast touch to it. Nike is one of the best brands for shoes and other accessories, is now re-launching the brand with LeBron 9 South Coast. The new styled shoe has been launched today itself and is attracting a lot of attention for its South coast vibe to it.

Well, to know what’s so special about LeBron 9 South Coast, read ahead and check out the details.

What’s the release date of the Nike LeBron 9 South Coast shoe?

Fortunately, the Nike shoe lovers don’t have to wait for too long to get a Nike LeBron 9 South Coast to try. The good news is that it has already launched today the brand’s new styled shoe and is open for all to buy and try it. The shoe is already available in store now and can be bought online too.


What’s the look of the Nike LeBron 9 South Coast?

Nike’s LeBron 9 isn’t a new theme of the shoe as it already ruled the market back in 2011-12. Yet what’s different this time with the LeBron 9 is it’s South Coast theme which is coming up with LeBron James’s signature to mark his 10th anniversary. The ninth signature of LeBron James is returning with this South Coast-themed shoe.

As far as the look of the LeBron 9 South Coast is concerned then it has a decent shade of aqua blue and black. Also, it has a Green colored Nike tick logo with a contrasting pink used as the color for sock liner. Overall the show LeBron 9 South Coast has an appealing look.

Where to buy LeBron 9 South Coast and what’s the price of the shoe?

Certainly, the Jason Petrie-designed shoe can be visited on and can be bought from there. However, some of the shoe stores have them too. For ease, one can buy the LeBron 9 South Coast shoe online too.

Moreover, if you are unaware of the price for the newly launched LeBron 9 South Coast then it costs about $210 per pair of shoes. Though the price on other websites may vary and be higher than the original price of the shoe.

The bid on the LeBron 9 south coast has however began by now and is certainty flooded with orders to get one as early as possible.


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