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When is Deji vs Floyd Mayweather? Fight date and location

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Deji vs Floyd Mayweather

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The boxing scene has been enormously soaked with YouTuber/influencer fights in the most recent few years and these kinds of events have become increasingly famous. Floyd Mayweather battling a YouTuber isn’t new as the American fought Logan Paul in the boxing ring back in June 2021. News has broken out via social media detailing that YouTuber Deji will be facing boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, in the ring.

In perhaps one of the most amazing head-to-head fights yet, YouTuber Deji is reportedly all set to fight boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather. KSI’s younger brother reportedly won his first fight in 2022 and is as of now set to take on one of the greats. Floyd Mayweather, who ‘resigned’ with a 50-0 record (27 KOs), has been fiddling with the YouTube boxing scene. He took on Logan Paul in an exhibition match in June 2021, with no outright winner pronounced. Floyd Mayweather later guaranteed that it was anything but a real fight. Once more, his fight with Deji would likewise be a display, as indicated by a report from boxing reporter Donagh Corby. Bits of gossip about the fights were likewise shared by YouTuber Keemstar, referring to his own sources.


Date And Location Of Deji vs Floyd Mayweather Fight

As per the Mirror, Deji will take on Floyd Mayweather in a ‘big money exhibition bout’ on 13th November 2022. Then, it implies that the fight will happen seven days before the Football World Cup is due to start. The fight reportedly will be part of the ‘Global Titans Fight Series’ occurring in Dubai. The exact venue for the fight between Deji and Floyd Mayweather has not been uncovered; in any case, reports are suggesting that the two will be fighting in Dubai at the Coca-Cola Arena. This is no question a thrilling setting for Deji to fight in and shows that he is willing to go anywhere to take on the boxing legend.

As it is an exhibition, it’s not expected that there will be any judges, so there will be no winner, except there is a knockout. The rounds are normally restricted as well, shorter than a full professional fight. As per the report, Floyd Mayweather’s group approached Deji to set up the bout. In any case, the arrangement is said to not be ‘100 per cent over the line’ – importance there could be twists in the story yet.


Deji tweeted on the 14th of September, Fight announcement soon. The brother of KSI, Deji lost his initial three fights yet offered to set things right with his first victory coming over Fousey in August. In the meantime, his brother is additionally endeavouring to secure his next battle, with Jake Paul and Andrew Tate both provoking him. The reaction to Deji landing a fight with Floyd Mayweather has by and large been one of shock, with some referring to it as ‘the most unexpected thing I’ve seen. Given Deji’s 1-3 record, few would anticipate that he should have a potential for success against any semblance of Floyd Mayweather, despite the fact that Logan Paul stood his ground in their fight.


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