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What Happened To Stephan Bonnar? Professional Wrestler Died at 45

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Stephan Bonnar

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Stephan Bonnar, the UFC Hall Of Famer dies at the age of 45. Stephan Bonnar was just not a wrestler but he was the man who put the UFC on the mainstream. While his fight with the opponent Forrest Griffin is still one of the most popular matches in history. However, his demise came as a big shock for all. But how did Stephan Bonnar die?

Read ahead to know more about Stephan Bonnar died at the age of 45.

Stephan Bonnar and his fame

Stephan Bonnar was a famous American wrestler also known for his mixed martial arts skills. His wrestling career gave him immense popularity as he was mostly a wrestler in the UFC light heavyweight category. In one of their most popular fights Bonnar came with his opponent Forrest Griffin.

His fight with Griffin even brought UFC into the mainstream. Though the match was won by Griffin against Bonnar. The latter was awarded a contract by UFC president Dana White. Apart from that Bonnar even fought with Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and many more in his career.


Stephan Bonnar passes away at the age of 45

With such an amazing wrestling career in the UFC especially. Fans of Bonnar expected a lot from him. However, destiny had some other plans and Bonnar passed away too soon. It was on Saturday that Bonnar died at the age of 45. The news came out as a big shock for all.

As per the reports, the cause of death of Stephan Bonnar has been cited as “heart complications”. Nonetheless, his contribution to the UFC is considered one of the most important contributions that gave popularity to bringing UFC into the mainstream.

Fans pay tribute to the late UFC Hall Of Famer Stephan Bonnar

As soon as the news of the demise of Stephan Bonnar broke out. Fans of the UFC wrestler couldn’t believe it. As it was way too soon the wrestler departed from this world. Fans have however paid their heartfelt tribute to the late Stephan Bonnar. Also, those who professionally knew Stephan Bonnar have paid tribute to the late wrestler.

While heartfelt condolences have been extended to the family and loved ones of Stephan Bonnar. Surely, fans of him would miss the late wrestler, especially for the amazing fights he brought to his fans so far.


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