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Kathy Hilton defends Kim Kardashian over her controversial Christmas outfit

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Kathy Hilton

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Kathy Hilton came to Kim Kardashian’s defense after the latter was mercilessly trolled for her questionable outfit choice at Paris Hilton’s Christmas party last week.

Here is everything you need to know.

Kathy Hilton defends Kim Kardashian’s questionable outfit choice for Christmas

Kathy Hilton sat down with TMZ where she spoke up about the criticism Kim Kardashian is receiving for her controversial Christmas ensemble.

She simply stated, ‘That’s silly! That’s ridiculous!’

Moreover, Hilton added, ‘Everybody was just [supposed] to come as they want… be comfortable. No [nothing wrong with what she wore], she always looks beautiful.’

If you don’t know, Hilton threw a lavish party last week to celebrate Christmas with her family and friends.

However, it resulted in Kardashian facing backlash over her unusual festive dress.

Meanwhile, the 42-year-old socialite showed up to the Hilton family’s Christmas party in all-black attire. 

She was seen wearing a cropped concert T-shirt. In addition, she matched them with a pair of black studded leather pants.

Regardless, the outfit appears to clash with the Hilton family’s more festive looks.

Besides that, Paris Hilton donned a red lace babydoll mini dress that was encrusted with crystal Miu-Mius. 

Hilton’s younger sister Nikki Hilton Rothschild looked Christmas-ready in a red and green floral Oscar de la Renta mini dress.

Meanwhile, the Real Wives of Beverly Hills star was dressed in a red-and-green plaid maxi dress. Additionally, she completed her getup with a big festive red bow.

Besides that, Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner was dressed in a black pantsuit that looked more festive and chic. Furthermore, she topped her attire with lacy flowers.

The Skims founder reportedly returned from her nephew Mason Disick’s bar mitzvah that was organized earlier that evening.

Kardashian appears to have worn the same black outfit to the party. But few users considered the attire to be inappropriate for both events.


Netizens troll Kim Kardashian for her bizarre Christmas outfit

Many netizens took to social media to lambast Kim Kardashian for her not-so-festive dress at Paris Hilton’s Christmas party.

A user wrote, ‘Kim’s outfit is for a rock concert, not a Christmas party.’

Someone else noted, ‘Did Kim not understand the holiday party attire assignment?’

Another user pointed out, ‘Everyone dressed all nice and Kim looks like a 15YO teen that was forced to her parents [sic] party.’

A different user on the other hand questioned, ‘WTF is Kim wearing?!’


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