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Tom Brady Says He Has “Zero” Regrets About Un-retiring From The NFL

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Tom Brady

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Despite reports that his return to football ended his marriage with Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady said he has no doubts about returning to football. “Zero regrets, no regrets,” the 45-year-old quarterback replied to a reporter’s question regarding whether he had any second thoughts about returning following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ recent misfortunes. They were 4-5 (preceding their win in Germany on Sunday, 13rd November ) and Tom Brady drove the team to an under-.500 records through seven games. In an interview with ESPN, Tom Brady says, “I returned because I wanted to compete, and I spoke to the team about it, and they were eager to welcome me back.”.

“I don’t regret those kinds of things – when I focus on them, I mean it, and I put forth a powerful effort and I do my best to maximize this particular opportunity.” The athlete broadly announced his retirement in January — just to get back to the game a month and a half later. His return to the field was the breaking point for his marriage with Gisele Bündchen, 42. One of the insiders told Us about Gisele Bündchen’s ultimatum two days before the couple announced their separation: “Gisele Bündchen told Tom Brady that either he leaves football to spend time with the family, or they’re out of the picture for good.” In late October, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, who got married in 2009, announced their split and settled the separation.


Tom Brady Says He Has “Zero “Regrets About NFL Return Amid His Divorce With His Ex-Wife Gisele Bündchen

There is nothing Tom Brady would change. Despite the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ unfortunate start to the season and his separation from Gisele Bündchen, the seven-time Super Bowl champion says he has “zero” regrets about un-retiring from the NFL. “My return was due to a desire to compete, and I spoke with the group about it, and they were eager to welcome me back,” Brady, 45, told ESPN on Friday. When inquired as to whether he had any second thoughts about his career moves, Tom Brady answered, “Zero, no. Most certainly not.” “Of course, I do not regret those things — when I focus on them, I mean it, and I give my all to this specific opportunity,” Brady said. The dad of three, whose separation from Bündchen was settled last month, didn’t talk straightforwardly about his split from Victoria’s Secret supermodel.


“Tom Brady said that we haven’t performed to our potential for a variety of reasons. “This is a vital game for us … We must simply dominate this match, and it’ll deal with that,” he added, referring to their match against the Seattle Seahawks in Germany on Sunday. The football star recently uncovered his relationship troubles affected his work. “There are many experts in the world who manage their life at work and at home,” he said on last month’s episode of “Let’s Go!” on Sirius XM. Following their split, the supermodel has been spotted relaxing on a Costa Rica getaway with her children, after discreetly buying a home near her ex’s in Surfside, Fla.


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