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Meet Susie Wolff As She Joins F1 Drive To Survive Cast

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Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff, addicted to the 'speed, adrenaline and competition' of Formula One racing © Thomas Huebner


Netflix has brought back Drive to Survive, this time featuring new faces from Formula 1. And a new cast has joined named Susie Wolff.
The Drive to Survive series on Netflix has successfully opened up the series to new fans and broken down some barriers.

Netflix has done this throughout the show by using a variety of ‘talking heads’ to provide viewers with additional detail and explanation of the story.

A number of well-known F1 journalists have contributed in the past, including Will Buxton and Jennie Gow. Netflix’s show based on F1 will have Susie Wolff in its cast in 2022.

Susie Wolff

Who is Susie Wolff and what is her relationship with Formula 1?

Susie Stoddart was born in Scotland in 1992. She began her career in British motorsport in the early 2000s


Formula Renault racer Michelle Pike placed fifth in the 2004 standings, with former F1 racer Paul di Resta and sportscar racer Mike Conway ahead of her.

During the 2003 Formula One season, Stoddart became a finalist for McLaren Autosport’s prestigious BRDC Young Driver of the Year award. It is a title won by athletes such as Jenson Button and Anthony Davidson.

Following a stint in the DTM, Susie Wolff was given a deal to drive for Williams as a development driver in 2012.

Williams announced Wolff would participate in the team’s practice session before the 2014 British Grand Prix.

Since Giovanna Amati competed in F1 in 1992, she was the first female driver to take part.

Susie Wolff

During the build-up to the race, Bottas suffered a back injury, with Wolff in contention to replace him.

The idea was scrapped, however, because it meant that she wouldn’t be able to drive in practice or qualifying.


Until this year, Susie Wolff was the only woman to drive in a practice session for an F1 car during a race weekend. But she did so once more at the 2015 British Grand Prix.

Wolff moved into team management after retiring from racing in 2015.

Venturi Racing Formula E team announced Wolff as Team Principal in 2018.

Mercedes powertrains are used in Venturi’s all-electric championship – a brand Wolff is an ambassador for.

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff is married to Susie Wolff. Wolff was recently promoted to CEO of Venturi in FE.


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