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KSI’s manager Officially confirms Jake Paul fight for 2023

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Jake Paul Fight

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For all those excited to see a boxing match in the ring again, KSI’s manager Mams Taylor announce Youtuber’s fight with Jake Paul is to happen in 2023. Well, in 2022 fans of boxing got to see some strong matches. While they are excited now to have some more. Meanwhile, KSI vs Jake Paul has been one of the much-awaited fight that hasn’t happened yet. But we are finally expecting that.

Read ahead to know more about KSI manager confirms Jake Paul’s fight with KSI is to happen in 2023.

The much-awaited event of KSI vs Jake Paul

Be it Paul’s brothers or KSI, all of them have gained fame as boxer over time. While we have seen three of them fighting against their opponents in the boxing ring for so many years. Fans of boxing have been excited to see Jake Paul fight KSI.

Well, fans have been waiting for the announcement about a potential fight between Jake Paul with KSI. Which finally seems like happening. As recently we had an announcement about the same that hints that a fight between Jake and KSI isn’t far.


KSI’s manager confirms Jake Paul vs KSI fight in 2023

The news of a possible fight between KSI and Jake Paul came from the former’s manager via a tweet. On October 27th, 2022 Mams Taylor, the manager of KSI made a tweet saying “KSI vs Jake Paul WILL be happening in 2023”. That has certainly made everyone excited about it.

Hence, we do know that the fight is coming in 2023. But we are yet to know the exact date and venue of the fight. Not to miss, there have been so many scheduled boxing fights canceled due to one or the other reason previously. Thus we hope Jake Paul vs KSI doesn’t go for the same this time.


Fans’ reaction to Jake Paul vs KSI fight of 2023

As boxing lovers have been keen to watch a strong fight happen in the ring this time. The announcement of the Jake Paul vs KSI fight has made all excited as fans can’t stop to watch the match happen soon. In fact, post the tweet of Mams Taylor, we had fans speculating the date of the fight of KSI vs Jake Paul.

As one of the users said, “KSI fight in January, June/July, and December is Jake?”. Not to forget, Logan Paul is coming to have fight in 2023 January which is alongside KSI and Jidion. Though we are yet to know who KSI will be fighting within the upcoming match.


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