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Roy Jones Jr. Open to Fighting KSI Under the Right Conditions

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KSI and Roy Jones Jr

In a surprising turn of events, boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. has thrown his hat into the ring for a potential showdown against YouTube sensation KSI. As the boxing world buzzes with excitement over Mike Tyson’s upcoming bout against Jake Paul, Jones sees an opportunity to step back into the limelight and test his mettle against the British influencer.

During an interview on the Misfits Boxing YouTube channel on April 11, 2024, Jones expressed his willingness to take on KSI, but with a caveat – the conditions must be right. Despite acknowledging KSI’s skills, Jones exuded confidence in his ability to hold his own in the ring.

“I mean, we can make it happen,” Jones stated

. “Roy Jones Jr. is still a dog, you understand me? So if there was enough time and it’s a great situation, and if it’s gonna be in the UK and people would wanna come see it… how could I say no?”

Jones emphasized the importance of the right circumstances, highlighting the potential for the match to draw a crowd, particularly in the UK. Drawing parallels to Mike Tyson’s return to boxing, Jones sees himself as a formidable opponent, ready to rise to the challenge against KSI.

When questioned about KSI’s unique fighting style, Jones acknowledged the difficulty it could pose, particularly given his unpredictable nature. Despite the gap in experience, Jones remains undaunted, recognizing the need to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of boxing.


While KSI has yet to respond to Jones’ proposition, the prospect of a showdown between the boxing legend and the YouTube star has captured the imagination of fans worldwide. With Jones signaling his readiness to step into the ring, all eyes are on KSI to see if he’s willing to accept the challenge.

As speculation mounts and anticipation grows, one thing is clear – Roy Jones Jr. is ready to fight, provided the conditions are right. Whether this dream match becomes a reality remains to be seen, but for now, boxing enthusiasts can’t help but imagine the potential fireworks in the ring if these two titans were to collide.


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