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Jack Ginnivan is being slammed for dressing as up as Jeffrey Dahmer

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Jack Ginnivan

AFL star Jack Ginnivan landed himself in hot waters after recreating the look of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as part of this year’s Halloween.

Here is everything you need to know.

Jack Ginnivan is facing backlash over Jeffrey Dahmer’s Halloween costume

Jack Ginnivan took to his social media handle to share a picture of himself dressed up as Jeffrey Dahmer for this year’s Halloween.

The picture shows the 19-year-old Collingwood player donning a pair of glasses similar to Dahmer’s lenses. Besides that, he wore a white t-shirt that had blood stains on it while holding a cigarette in his right hand.

Ginnivan outlined the post with a simple caption that read, ‘j.d.’

However, the Aussie football star’s put-together outfit comes after Dahmer’s costume was banned from sale on eBay before the start of Halloween.


Moreover, people were urged not to dress as Dahmer for the spooky season out of respect for his victims.

Netizens criticize Jack Ginnivan for dressing as Jeffrey Dahmer

Many football fans were not impressed with Jack Ginnivan imitating the infamous sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer for this year’s Halloween.

They took to the comment section of Ginnivan’s post to criticize him.

A user wrote, ‘Not in good taste. Their families are still grieving.’

A second user said, ‘Bit tone deaf.’

Additionally, a third one chimed in saying, ‘Disappointing and disgusting.’

While a fourth one commented, ‘You mean the Jeffrey Dahmer that senselessly and cruelly stole the lives of 17 young men? That Jeffrey Dahmer? How would you all be reacting if he’d dressed up as Martin Bryant? Gross.’

Moreover, someone else mentioned, ‘What an absolute disgrace. AFL should fine and/or suspend him immediately.’

However, some users rose to defend Ginnivan.

A fan stated, ‘OMG seriously, get a grip! So it’s okay to post half-naked pics, dress up as killer clowns, Mike Myers, etc… It was Halloween and the Netflix series had just been the top #1 rated series to watch.’


Meanwhile, another added, ‘Boss! Dressing irreverently is the point. If it makes you uncomfortable, good. That’s the idea. Go to bed and turn your phone off if you can’t handle a costume.’

In addition, someone else penned, ‘Yes! People get offended! Lots of horror movies are based on real events! IT was inspired by John Wayne Gacy, hence the killer clown costumes. Leatherface was inspired by Ed Gein. The list goes on.’


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