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Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch Wants the last fight against Jake Paul

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Butterbean vs Jake Paul

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If you are a boxing fan and you love knowing who is challenging whom then bet you’ll be surprised to know that Butterbean has expressed his desire to fight with Jake Paul. Well, it isn’t new for Jake for being invited to have a fight with one or the other challengers. However, Butterbean’s wish to fight Jake is just something you can’t miss out on.

Read ahead to know more about Butterbean wanting to fight with Jake Paul.

Butterbean wants to have a fight with Jake Paul

Boxing has a fan following of its own. While there are challenges coming for boxers every now and then. It was recently when the popular American boxer Eric Scott Esch aka Butterbean expressed his desire to have a fight with famous Jake Paul. Which has shocked everyone.

@butterbeankingof4round @jakepaul are you ready? #ddp #boxing @victor_kline ♬ original sound – Eric Scott Esch

Keeping that aside we all know that beginning from 1994 to 2015, Butterbean has had an iconic image as a professional boxer. While in his career he had 58 knockouts out of 77. He seems to have not dropped the idea of coming back to the boxing ring again.

Butterbean gave the challenge to Jake Paul on TikTok

It was while with a magazine that Jake Paul called Butterbean as a “Sideshow”. Butterbean seemed to have taken that seriously. As on TikTok lately, he expressed his desire and invited Jake Paul to have a fight with him one last time. In fact, in his video invitation he said “Lets get it on. Me and you Jake Paul”.

@butterbeankingof4round @jakepaul this kid said you'd win. let's see! @shutek @rog_378 #JakePaul #boxing ♬ original sound – Eric Scott Esch

As Butterbean thinks that he is currently in his best form or shape. He believes it’s the right time to have his final fight with Jake Paul. While apart from Jake he has another option. Which is none other than Mike Tyson. However, what he is waiting for is the acceptance of his invitation to fight.


Jake Paul’s reaction to the wish of Butterbean

Jake Paul is one of the most famous boxers of recent time. We see a lot of challenges coming his way. Now as we have Butterbean expressing his wish to fight Jake Paul. Fans of boxing are thinking if that could ever happen or not.

While Jake Paul so far hasn’t reacted to the invite of Butterbean. We might see him fighting in the ring with Anderson Silva, Floyd Mayweather, Kamaru Usman, and many more.


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