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Donda Homecoming Game Tickets, Prices, and Where To Buy?

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Donda Homecoming

Donda Homecoming


Basketball lovers won’t have to wait as the Donda homecoming game is coming up soon with tickets already available for all. Donda Doves fans are keenly waiting to have some updates on the upcoming match. The tickets for the match are available and the prices are expected to go high with each passing day. But when is the Donda homecoming match scheduled?

Well, there are updates on the whole Donda Doves match and the availability of the tickets as well. Check them out below to know of it.

When Is Donda Doves Homecoming Match Happening?

For all those who aren’t aware of the Donda Doves team, then it’s the high school basketball team by Kanye West Donda Academy. The match of basketball is scheduled to happen between Donda Doves and Chicago’s Prep Academy. Donda Doves with Kanye West even appeared on the Slam Magazine cover page to mark their upcoming match.


The match between Chicago Prep and Donda Doves is scheduled for 5th Feb this year. The venue for the match has been decided too and that’s Chicago’s Credit Union 1 Arena at UIC, Chicago, Illinois. The match will begin at 5:30 pm though.

Where Can One Get The Tickets For Donda Homecoming Game?

The tickets to watch the match of Donda Doves is already available. However, the prices are different depending on the seat rows one opts for. To begin with, the price range for the ticket is going to be $20 to $500.

The extreme last row would have its price per seat as $20 to $50. The middle row may have its price as $300. While the closest row to the court is expected to have its price per seat as $500. Also, the tickets are available on the Ticketmaster website(

Conditions To Watch The Donda Match In Stadium

Well, keeping in mind the current pandemic threats, it’s advised to be fully vaccinated to get entry into the match arena. Also, there’s a strict rule for the kids to be followed too.

The kids below or around 5 are supposed to carry negative corona reports to be allowed inside the match arena. Also, Ticketmaster won’t be allowing more than 8 tickets per person. Not to forget, that the prices of the Donda homecoming match scheduled on 5th Feb are subject to change with each passing day.


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