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Dallas Cowboys 2022: Tickets, Price, and Where to buy?

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Dallas Cowboys

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Dallas Cowboys gave fans a delightful match to watch when they won over New York Giants. Well, not just that, post their recent match on Monday we have the fans waiting to grab the tickets for their upcoming NFL games. So, if you too want to be there to watch the Dallas Cowboys games. Then here’s all the details about the upcoming events and their tickets.

Read ahead to know more about Dallas Cowboys and their upcoming matches’ tickets.

Dallas Cowboys’ upcoming events in 2022

For all the NFL fans, we have Dallas Cowboys playing this year really well. As such we will have their upcoming events take place in October, November, and December this year. On 2nd October we will have Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Commanders.


On the 9th they will face Los Angeles Rams. 16th will have them against Philadelphia Eagles. 23rd will have them face Detroit Lions. While 30th will have them play with Chicago Bears. Their next match will then happen on November 13th against Green Bay Packers. 20th will bring them against Minnesota Vikings. 24th will have them with again New York Giants. Post this their next matches will come in December.

Dallas Cowboys
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Where to buy the Dallas Cowboys tickets for the NFL season?

In case, you want to have your tickets to watch the games of the Dallas Cowboys. Then you can have its tickets available on various websites. Though the team’s website shows Seat Geek as their official partner this time. So, try that website for the tickets.

Further, you can also get your tickets from the Ticketmaster website. While apart from these two sites you’ll also find tickets on Vivid Seats, Stubhub and Viagogo, and more. Not to forget, all these websites may have different prices for the tickets.


How much are the NFL tickets for?

If you are confused over the price of the NFL tickets. Then we have Seat Geek selling tickets starting from $25 to $200. The upcoming match with Dallas Cowboys is available at $25. The premium ones are as costly as $2000.

On Ticketmaster, it’s available for $27 to $400. The one match coming with the Philadelphia Eagles is having its tickets available at $175 to $620. Vivid Seats however may have tickets ranging between $23 to $5000.


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