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Yellowstone to End After Current Season Amid Kevin Costner Divorce Battle, But Sequel in the Works?

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With the Paramount announcement that ‘Yellowstone’ will end after its fifth season, the show is coming to an end. According to the network, the hit Paramount Network series will end its run in November with the premiere of the last episodes of Season 5. As the second half of the final season will be Kevin Costner’s final appearance in Taylor Sheridan’s modern-day Western, the network has also announced that an untitled sequel series will premiere in December on Paramount Network and Paramount+. There have been plenty of rumors that the network was in talks with Matthew McConaughey for the new series, although no casting news has been revealed.

From ‘1883’ to ‘Tulsa King’, Yellowstone has inspired a universe of global hits, and I am confident the sequel to Yellowstone’ will be another big hit, thanks to Taylor Sheridan’s brilliant creative vision and the amazing cast who bring these shows to life, said Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios. According to 101 Studios CEO David Glasser, the Dutton story picks up where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale. It is an honor for us to bring this new journey to audiences around the world.


It’s Official: Paramount Network Hit Series Yellowstone Is Coming To An End

Despite Kevin Costner’s ugly divorce battle with Christine Baumgartner, Paramount has confirmed Yellowstone will end this season. With the final episodes of Yellowstone’s fifth season launching in November, Paramount Network has officially announced the show’s end. There has been an enormous hit for the network with the show, which tells the story of the Dutton family and their battles over their Montana ranch. Despite it being a rating smash, the atmosphere on set is said to have become fraught due to Costner’s refusal to work every day. A sequel to Yellowstone has already been ordered as a full series, so fans will likely be reassured. It has been tipped that Matthew McConaughey will star in the film, although producers have not confirmed who will join the cast. Costner’s scheduling has been a subject of a protracted battle between Paramount and him. It has been reported that Oscar-winning actor Costner has refused to work on the final season of Yellowstone for more than a week due to production for his upcoming film Horizon.


This irritated Sheridan, given Costner’s prominent role as John Dutton, the leader of the Dutton family, and had harmed morale among the show’s other actors, which included Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley, according to reports. 5A, the first half of the season, continued to be a hit for the network, with more than 17 million viewers tuning in for the premiere. According to Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, Yellowstone has been the cornerstone from which we have launched a whole universe of acclaimed hits — from 1883 to Tulsa King, and I am confident our sequel will be another big hit, because of to the exceptional genius of Taylor Sheridan [the show’s creator] and our astounding casts who deliver these series to life. McConaughey is a wonderful artist with whom we’d love to collaborate,’ said a Paramount spokesman. The new show will debut on Paramount Network before moving exclusively to Paramount+.


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