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Jamie Chung opens up about her cameo in ‘Succession’

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Jamie Chung

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It seems like Jamie Chung is more than excited to discuss her latest cameo in HBO’s hit television series Succession. Moreover, her husband went on to reveal some of her set secrets.

Here is everything you need to know.

Jamie Chung gushes about her cameo role in Succession

Jamie Chung sat down with Us Weekly for an exclusive interview on 4th May Thursday where she talked about her recent cameo on Succession.

In addition, she also promoted her and her husband Bryan Greenberg’s partnership with Shipt.

She said, ‘I mean, listen, when you have an opportunity to be on a show like that, you say yes, you know?’

She added, ‘When you show up, there’s a lot of improv. They’ll just throw lines at you.’

Subsequently, the 40-year-old actress pointed out that there was secrecy with the scripts due to Logan Roy’s death in an episode in the fourth season.


She continued, ‘By the way, all the scripts [were] redacted because of that very reason, because [of] that big secret.’

Chung then went on to call her fellow Succession co-stars, ‘creme de la creme of our peers.’

If you didn’t know, she played the role of a wedding coordinator named Beth in the episode titled, ‘Connor’s Wedding.’ The episode was released last month.

Nevertheless, she gushed about the chance, ‘to see them work live and to be a part of, like, something pretty historical … it was so fun to be a part of.’

Jamie Chung’s husband Bryan Greenberg unveils her secrets on set

Bryan Greenberg could not stop himself from joking about her wife Jamie Chung’s enthusiasm for filming on the set.

He jokingly stated, ‘When she was shooting that she came home and she was like, “Oh my God, you wanna hear a spoiler?”‘

He further mentioned, ‘I was like, “No I don’t!”‘

The Real World alum on the other hand began to laugh at her husband’s sharing her secret.

She laughingly exclaimed, ‘Bryan, I signed an NDA!’

He replied to her with  ‘Well, I didn’t share it with anybody. “You ruined it for me!”‘

Meanwhile, the Good Guy actor and Chung were aware of each other for a decade before they officially began dating in 2012.

The pair announced their engagement in the following year and went on to tie the knot on 31st October 2015 at the El Capitan Canyon resort in Santa Barbara, California following an elaborate, three-day celebration.

The couple welcomed a set of twin boys on 24th October 2021.


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