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Why Jay-Z Deletes Instagram Account Hours After Joining? Fans Want to Know

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Jay-Z Instagram

Jay-Z made his debut on Instagram in 2015 and gained 100,000 followers(a huge number for that period). He dedicated his initial post to the late Michael Jackson and posted a birthday message for him.

“Happy birthday to the King! This may be my first and the last post,” Jay-Z wrote at the same time a picture celebrating the instrumentalist’s 57th birthday.

Then just as he told he would, after creating an Instagram account Jay-Z deleted his account just hours after joining.

Jay-Z finally Joins Instagram

The fans of Jay-Z went mad and excited when he joined Instagram once again on November 3rd. He made an Instagram account with the name @jayz, which probably must be saved especially for Jay-Z. Or is he just really blessed?

Just after joining Instagram, within a few hours, he was followed by 1.9 million fans or people. After that, he uploaded a promotion poster for his coming movie which Jay-Z produced “The Harder They Fall.”


Then he added a movie release countdown on his Instagram story.

Jay-Z only followed One Person

When he used to use Instagram, Jay-Z followed only one person i.e. his adorable wife Beyoncé. His wife also followed him back. It’s pretty obvious. Indeed a couple of goals!

A movie release countdown that Jay-Z uploaded on his story, Beyoncé reposted the same story on her Instagram story. In this way, she supported him for his upcoming movie which is going to release on Netflix.

Now, Jay-Z who has an astonishing 217 million followers on Instagram, is returning to following no one once again.

Jay-Z Instagram

Jay-Z Deleted the Account

After creating the Instagram account, Jay-Z deleted his account just hours after joining.
Fans wondered they were going mad and crazy when they tried to find Jay-Z’s Instagram account.

Other fans wondered that Jay-Z blocked him on Instagram, or there are some technical issues.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, JayZ had decided to exit from this social media platform and deleted his Instagram account.

This is just like 2015 ended once again. Fans believed that this time, his entry on Instagram was for good, but they were completely wrong.


He had made this account only to catch the attention of his fans, and to make this movie a talk of the town. Ultimately, he got successful in achieving that goal.

Now, Twitter is flooded with memes and fans are reacting in the same.

Fans reacted on Twitter

“He really deleted his Instagram already,” one fan wrote, with another adding: “Second time JayZ has created an Instagram account, posted once and deleted within 24 hours.”

Another Twitter fan called him “a businessman, for sure”, with another adding: “Jay Z created an Instagram account yesterday, got verified, became the first person ever followed by Beyoncé, hyped a movie, and deleted it today. Levels.”


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