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Chris Pratt Slammed on Social Media for Post About Praising Wife Katherine After Son’s Issues

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Chris Pratt

Considering how his son with ex-Anna Faris, Jack, has had major health challenges along the way. Chris Pratt has been termed “cringe and disgusting” for congratulating his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger. For delivering them a “healthy daughter.”

“I adore Chris Pratt,” one Twitter user said. But the ‘healthy daughter’ line makes it cringe”. “It comes out as an offense, even if he may not even have intended it that manner”. Consider how his son would react if he somehow hears it.”

“Chris Pratt has a child with Anna Farris who had a brain hemorrhage before delivery. But now has modest bodily problems as a result,” another said furiously. He did, however, make a point of writing ‘healthy daughter’ here.  Chris Pratt is a complete jerk.” Chris  Pratt age 42, decided to send his spouse a surprise appreciation post 6 weeks early Thursday, including the controversial comment.


“She’s delivered us a beautiful life, a wonderful healthy kid. She chews so noisily sometimes that I plug in my earplugs to block that out, but that would be love!” he posted a picture of him and Schwarzenegger, 31. Pratt’s now-9-year-old son, Jack, was born prematurely and then had to endure multiple procedures as a consequence, as previously mentioned. At delivery, he weighed only 3 pounds and 12 ounces.

Chris Pratt Son

“That was a massive shock that Jack was delivered two months early. As per reports, Faris, 44, claimed on her podcasts “Unsuitable” in 2018 that “your universe absolutely alters”. “Jack underwent a couple of operations. He’s had these couple hernia surgery, just several eye operations, and that he’s also had a cardiac problem.”

At a March of Dimes Festival of Children in 2014, Chris Pratt acknowledged his son’s initial hardships.

“I make vows about just what sort of parent I planned to be in such a situation. And all I hoped for was that he’d survive forever enough for me to fulfill people”. The “Guardians of Galaxy

” star, who is open regarding his beliefs, said during the time. “Our Jack has grown from a little, powerless baby to a powerful, intelligent, cheerful, hilarious, and gorgeous youngster. He likes big trucks and ‘Daniel Tiger,’ and, like this or not, veggies”. His favorite meals are broccoli and grape tomatoes.”

Chris Pratt with son Jack

While Jack turned 6 years old, Chris Pratt and Faris formalized their separation in 2018.

In June 2019, the actor Chris Pratt married  Schwarzenegger, and the couple delivered their firstborn kid, a baby daughter called Lyla Maria, in August 2020.


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