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Why is “Joker tattoo” Trending on TikTok? Meaning and video Explored

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TikTok Joker tattoo

After the famous Medusa tattoo on TikTok, we have seen users with a new obsession with the Joker tattoo. Well, no doubt some users love having tattoos on their bodies. However, this Joker tattoo is gaining immense popularity on the app especially as users are explaining its meaning to all. So, what does the Joker tattoo symbolizes?

Read ahead to know more about the Joker tattoo going viral on TikTok.

Joker tattoo goes viral on TikTok

There have been several trends on TikTok so far. Among these, some were related to the tattoos that found immense popularity on the app. Well, be it the Medusa tattoo or else, users certainly found it to be amazing to have.

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But recently we got another tattoo viral on the app as we had the famous villain character Joker in the scene. A lot of users have been seen having the villain Joker’s tattoo on their body. Which definitely is grabbing the attention of all as they want to have that tattoo as well. However, most of them have been trying to even know what that tattoo symbolizes.

What does the Joker tattoo symbolize?

If you have been watching movies then you surely must have seen what Joker’s character was all about. As the character was a famous villain who wore Joker’s makeup on his face and was evil as hell. But there was something that made that character a bad guy.

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Hopefully, that’s what the tattoo of Joker symbolizes. According to some of the users who have got the tattoo, it symbolizes for lack of love, abandonment, and lots of similar emotions. One of the users has even compared the tattoo to the darker side of life.


Users’ reaction to the Joker’s tattoo

Certainly, after the famous Medusa tattoo that symbolized power and strength became famous. We got lots of users to have that tattoo. Meanwhile, now something similar is going on with the Joker’s tattoo. As lots of users have shown their interest in trying the Joker’s tattoo.

One of the users asked whether they can get the Joker’s tattoo if they just like it. To which he got the response that yes he can get that tattoo for whatever reason. One of the users even said that the Joker’s tattoo stands even for perseverance. Moreover, the tattoo’s hashtag has got more than 37 million views over it.


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