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Why does Drake Credit R Kelly on ‘Certified Lover Boy’? Here’s The Reason

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Drake’s Certified Lover Boy includes some well-known cameos such as Jay Z and Nicki Minaj. Surprisingly, R Kelly is also coming as Drake certified him on his album. This left the fans puzzled.

The Reason Why Drake credits R. Kelly

When Drake certified R Kelly for his new album, it ignited chaos and fans have started questioning. R Kelly is a 54-year-old singer and composer who is credited for the track ‘TSU’.

Drake’s album CLB dropped on September 3 and it includes an N*Song for which the credits belong to R Kelly. As per the Independent, some people believe in this theory. But it still needs to be confirmed as no official statement has announced this. Drake used Kelly’s Half on Baby song’s sample. However, it does not mean that Kelly will be given any payment for this.

R. Kelly

However, this whole situation has left the people in surprise. They are questioning as R Kelly is accused of Racketeering charges and is facing trials in New York City. There are charges on him that he was involved in sex trafficking and used young women and even teenagers for his sexual desires in return for fake promises to them. Thus, Drake’s fans are unhappy with him.


Fans Question

The fans have been asking questions on Twitter. They are clearly clueless why Drake credited R Kelly who is facing allegations.

One of the fans said, “People are defending this R. Kelly credit, talking about “it’s a sample”… okay?????? So Drake chose to sample his work, knowing he’d have to clear it with R. Kelly, and that Kelly would get a check/royalties. He could’ve done away with the sample/track, he clearly doesn’t care.”

Another one questioned, “So, why would Drake and his people choose to use a sample that would require an R Kelly credit in 2021? In the middle of his trial?”

‘On a 21 track album? It’s not like anyone is gonna miss it?? You needed it on the album that bad??’ asked another fan. With so many questions, people are really curious to know was it really needed to use a sample for which the makers will have to give credits to R Kelly.

Who else is on Drake’s latest album?

Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, and Given are the big names coming forward who are featuring in Drake’s CLB. The album was dropped on 3rd September and is now available to watch on famous streaming platforms.


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