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Why Did JiDion Get Arrested? The Youtuber Live Streamed His Arrest

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JiDion got arrested and he explained the reason behind it in his live stream on Instagram. The prankster, who has over 1.7 million subscribers on youtube, is known for his quirky and fun videos. Fans were shocked after he live-streamed his arrest because nobody expected this from him. 

What Did Jidion Do?

The video starts when a baffled JiDion tells the viewers that he is getting arrested for committing arson. Arson is an act of setting someone else’s property on fire or causing serious damage to the property. JiDion starts by saying, “Hey they’re trying to frame me for that arson.”

The cop then explains to him the reason for his arrest and says, “In some states, you can also commit car arson if you damage property as a result of acting recklessly.” “It’s not necessary to directly set fire on the property,” the cop added. 


To this JiDion explains himself by saying-I haven’t had a sh*t in 72 hours, so I went back to that IHOP, I didn’t want the bathroom to smell bad, so I lit a candle so that it wouldn’t smell.” JiDion is also seen reading the comments on his live stream while it ends abruptly as another cop comes and stops it. 

JiDion was getting arrested for lighting a candle in the restaurant’s bathroom.

However, he did not have any intention to ruin the property or commit arson but the cop did say that an arson allegation varies from state to state. Nothing much is known about his arrest or if he really got arrested for this act of his. 


People Reacting To The Incident-

Many people came out to support the prankster and said that the reason for this arrest was completely baseless.

One Twitter user wrote-“First day out a track or we riot.”

JiDions live stream was posted by a youtube channel named ReddCinema, it has over 28 thousand views while people are constantly commenting “FREE JIDION”.

Another person commented saying- “So let me get this straight. He lights a candle and uses febreeze cause he was trying to be nice and the IHOP employees call the cops? This is wrong on so many levels. Ihop has been off my list for long time and the cop taking his phone is incredibly illegal”.  


His fans on Twitter are also continuously tweeting with the hashtag-FREE JIDION. 

Known For His Hilarious Pranks-

The 20 yr old YouTuber has around 1.7 million subscribers and his videos are greatly loved on the platform. Many of his videos have more than a million views. His most famous video is titled, ‘Taking a Bath during an online class,’ and it has around 6 million views.  While his recent video,  ‘Is Thou Girlfriend Single’, has over a million views.


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