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Who was Vincenzo Lirosi? UNH Student Found Dead Near Campus, Cause of Death Revealed

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Vincenzo Lirosi

The 22-year-old student ‘Vincenzo Lirosi” from The University of New Hampshire has been found dead in a marshy area near the school’s Durham campus. The cause of death has been revealed.

Who was Vincenzo Lirosi?

The student’s name was Vincenzo Lirosi also called “Vinny”. He belongs to Whitman, Massachusetts. Vinny was just 22-years-old. The boy was reported missing on Saturday morning. Later, he was found dead on Sunday.
The boy was at the party night before. Jordan Blanchard, Lirosi’s friend was present with him during the night. He told Outlet that they got separated after Lirosi left for the fraternity party from the local bar. Jordan claimed that there Lirosi got into a fight. He further added, “ It’s pretty uncharacteristic of him” and they kicked Lirosi out of the party and even asked him to go home. After that, he went into the woods.

The school officials also shared their “thoughts and prayers” and with Lirosi’s loved ones. They have mourned Lirosi’s death.

Vincenzo Lirosi

Vincenzo Lirosi’s Cause Of Death

Vincenzo Lirosi, a 22-year-old student at the University of New Hampshire died of accidental drowning. This statement was given by the Durham Police Department on Wednesday. No further detailed information was immediately available on Vincenzo’s death.
Vincenzo’s brother, Giovanni started the GoFundMe campaign. As of Wednesday afternoon, he has raised over $73,000 for the family. According to the statement of the Durham Police Department, Vinny was last seen after a night of drinking with friends on Saturday around 1 a.m. A few hours later at 3 a.m, he was reported missing. Vincenzo was not having an ID or phone with him. He was found in a marshy area off of Coe Drive in Durham at approximately 1:20 p.m on Sunday as stated by the police.

According to local ABC station WCBV, the wallet of the student was found in a parking lot and a cellphone in a fraternity party. . The school officials shared a message on Sunday that “it is with very heavy hearts to share that the search for Vincenzo Lirosi did no end the way we hoped”


They further added that it is very saddening news for the community and they are focusing on providing the support and resources for everyone who needs and knew him and has been impacted by his demise. Also, the officials further said, they will share more information when available. The sudden demise has brought disbelief, shock, and a range of feelings. So, everyone takes good care of them and seeks to help if they need it.
The UNH Police Department paid their tribute to the student, saying that “they are deeply saddened”. The campus police wrote, “ Whether we know him or not, he was one among us, everybody takes care of themselves and each other.”



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