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Who Was Madison Dubiski? 23 Year Old Cypress Girl Killed in Astroworld Incident

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Astroworld is making headlines due to the death of eight people at the music festival a few days ago. Besides this, hundreds of people suffered injuries and panic attacks during the show. Madison Dubiski is the last victim to be identified . Besides madison, the seven other victims were Franco Patiño, Jacob Jurinek, John Hilgert, Brianna Rodriguez, Rudy Peña, Danish Baig and Alex Acosta. 

About Madison Dubiski-

Madison was 23 years old when she died. A student at the University of Mississippi, she was a fan of Astros and Travis. She went to Cy-Fair high school and graduated in 2017. She was a varsity cheerleader and an active member of the National Charity League. Madison’s Instagram is private and there is not much that we know about her. According to Madison’s Facebook profile, she lived in Houston while she worked at Rhino Marketing Worldwide. 

She attended the festival with her brother, Ty Dubiski. Both of them lost each other because of the massive crowd. While Ty did try to save Madison, she was “sucked into the crowd”. However, there is no information regarding Ty’s situation. 


Friends And Family Pay Tribute-

Madison Dubiski’s best friend, Riley Dimeo wrote on Facebook– After the tragedy of November 5, 2021at Astroworld there will forever be a piece of my heart missing. Words will never be able to describe the pain of losing my best friend, secret keeper, sissy and soulmate, Madison Alexis Dubiski.” She also said, “ If you were fortunate enough to know Mads you knew how beautiful, sweet, kind, generous and loving she really was.”

A former classmate of Madison, Lauren Vogler said,  “She was super bright, uplifting, and just an all-around sweet girl. I cheered with her when we were younger, and she was always so encouraging. She was definitely the life of the party and loved by so many people.”


Claudia Sierra, a family friend of Madison said that she was her mother, Michelle’s Best friend and her brother’s biggest supporter in everything he did.

The Investigation Is Going On

The reason for the death of victims is not yet revealed, however, an investigation is going on. Sylvester Turner, the mayor of Houston said- “This incident is being thoroughly investigated and reviewed.”

While many people who were at the concert have described the vibe as “Satanic”.  “Everyone was passing out around you, and everyone was trying to help each other. But you just couldn’t move. You couldn’t do anything. You can’t even pick your arms up”- said a concert go-er, Nick Johnson. 


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