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Who is Tina Louise? Selling Sunset’ Star Brett Oppenheim and Tina Relationship Explored

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brett oppenheim and tina louise

Selling sunset is a Netflix series that first aired in 2019 with its first season and is loved by fans. Season 4 of Selling Sunset was released on 24 November with 10 fresh episodes for the fans on Netflix. Season 5 of the series will also air soon according to reports. The Netflix series is a reality-based series, by Adam DiVello that revolves around real-estate brokerage firm Oppenheim group in Los Angeles. Brett and Jason Oppenheim are twin brothers and co-founders of the Oppenheim group. Many other partners are back in the show such s Christine Quinn, Maya Vander, and more. But, there is a romantic relationship also this time on Selling Sunset. Yes! Let’s find out who is Brett Oppenheim’s girlfriend!

Who is Brett Oppenheim?

Brett Oppenheim is the Senior Vice President in the Oppenheim real-estate group and his twin, Jason is the President and CEO of the company. Both are 44-year-old and are leads in the Netflix series Selling Sunset. The net worth of the Oppenheim brothers is 50 million dollars each according to estimations.


Who is Tina Louise?

After declaring the relationship on Instagram, fans are wondering who is Tina Louise?

Tina Louise was born in Australia but now settled in Los Angeles, California. Tina is the co-owner of Sugar Taco Restaurant. The restaurant is a vegan Mexican Food joint as she herself is vegan. In her Instagram Bio, Tina depicts both Australian and German flags that give us a clue about her heritage. Tina loves tattoos according to her feed on Instagram and hits the gym that indicates that she is a health freak. Tina has 2.6 million followers on her Instagram profile.


Brett Oppenheim and Tina Loise Relationship

At the time of season 3 of the Selling Sunset, Brett Oppenheim was casually dating Katya Dmitrenco who resides in Los Angeles. Katya is a successful businesswoman and her profile is the evidence as well and owns KD Brows in 2015. But, a surprising element is ready for fans in season 5 of the show as Brett Oppenheim was with Tina Louise, his new girlfriend in the series. Tina was sitting on Brett’s lap during a party at Nico and Zelda’s birthday in episode 5 of season 5 of Selling Sunset. Brett made this relationship official on Instagram by sharing photos with Tina Louise in 2021.


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