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Emma Hernan Boyfriend: Affair, Married, and Net Worth

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Emma Hernan

Model Emma Hernan has joined the Oppenheim group as Selling Sunsets returns on Netflix. Besides Emma, the 43-year-old Vanessa Villela has also joined the group. Emma was previously a part of the group but was involved in other endeavors and has rejoined in the much anticipated fourth season of the show. 

Emma Hernan Career-

Emma Hernan was a model and is quite a known name in the entertainment world. The 30-year-old was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her career started in 2015 when she became Miss COED. Now that she’s appearing on selling sunsets we’ll get to know more about the diva. 

She lives in Los Angeles but also has a home in Boston, where she was born. 

Emma has lived an interesting life, she started investing money at a very young age managing her family’s finances. In an interview, while talking about her investments, the model said, “I took all my modelling money, all my babysitting money, all my ice cream money – I worked at every store, I loved working – and I started investing in the stock market and health care.” She also revealed that she learned everything by herself. 


Besides being in the real estate business now, Emma also owns a vegan food company- Emma-Leigh & Co. 

Emma Hernan and Real Estate-

The Oppenheim brothers helped Emma get her first home. Watching Jason and Brett, she was quick to decide that she wants to head in the same lane as theirs. In 2018, she received her license after being recommended by the brothers and now she’s joining them in their show.

Emma Hernan Boyfriend-

In a recent interview, Hernan revealed that she is single. However, she does have a history with another selling sunsets star, Christine Quinn. 

Emma Hernan

Apparently, Emma Hernan and Christine Quinn were dating the same person at the same time and haven’t been on good terms since then. Looks like Emma plans to avoid all the drama and solely focus on business. “I’m here to work, and hopefully all this high school drama that I’ve dealt with for years can stay like Christine – out of mind,” said Emma while introducing herself on the show. 


Emma’s Instagram-

Emma Hernan is active on Instagram and she shares a lot of photos with her Selling Sunsets co-stars. She has over 1 million Instagram followers and her username is @emmahernan. 

Emma Hernan’s Net Worth-

Reportedly Emma Hernan has a fortune of around $3 Million which she has gained through investing her money in stocks, her vegan company, and being a realtor.


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