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Who is Taela Lacour? Does Peyton Meyer and Wife Taela Have A Child?

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Taela Lacour and Peyton Meyer

Peyton Meyer has announced that he and his fiancée Taela Lacour have married and are anticipating their first baby.
On a bustling weekend for the star, 22, he posted a number of romantic photos from the beautiful wedding day.
Taela, whose actual name is Taylor Mae LaCour. Already has a four-year-old boy named River from a former partner. Shared the big news at the very same time that the couple is expecting its first kid next to each other.
The actor also revealed photos from their wedding day, as well as an ultrasound scan of the couple’s first kid.

“Alright, I must also be sentimental with you over the moment,” Peyton Meyer said on Instagram to almost 2.1 million followers. I could think of a million explanations for why I should never marry.

“I’ve always despised the idea of marrying. But instead, all I required was just one cause to overcome all of them… That really was you, by the way. I’m forever thankful for having a small family; it really has transformed my life. You have permanently altered my life. “I’m in love with you.”


“To all of the fathers around nowadays, please do send your boy a few suggestions,” he closed his message.

Taela Lacour

Taela Lacour’s Post And Announcement

“Thanks for giving me that type of affection that I believed just exists in fiction,”. Taela Lacour, a 24-year-old vocalist, said on her Instagram account, with the same photos. Keep reminding me of my value and making me laugh and feel like the most important and vital lady on the planet.

“Thank you for being there for me through it all. I’m so thankful, and I can’t wait to embrace this experience with you for the rest of my life. Even the most difficult tasks are simple with you.”. She kindly concluded her message with these words: “My life was rescued because of you. I’m in love with you.”

Whereas the destination of the marriage is unknown. The star posted many outside photos of himself, Taela Lacour, and River. As well as an ultrasound photograph of the pair’s first baby.

Journey of Peyton Meyer

Peyton Meyer began performing as a youngster there in Disney Channel comedy Dog With a Blog until getting the part of Lucas Friar in Girl Meets World.

Taela Lacour and Peyton Meyer

He moved on to celebrity guest on Versus and Wayne, along with appearing on American Housewife playing Trip Windsor.

Moreover, the more appeared recently in Netflix’s He’s All That portraying Jordan Van Draanen. A gender-flipped adaptation of the 1999 adolescent romance drama She’s All That.


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