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Who is Richard Saghian? Fashion Nova Promotion Message Sparks Hilarious Memefest Online

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Fashion Nova

As an e-commerce company based in Los Angeles, California, Fashion Nova is known not only for its clothing but also for its quirky marketing campaigns. CEO Richard Saghian founded the brand in 2006, selling expensive clubwear attire from a mall in California. Using social media to boost online sales, the company has grown to over $1 billion in sales annually, according to the Los Angeles Times. On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, the company sent an automated text message as part of its unorthodox marketing strategy. A message appeared on the screen that read: Fashion Nova: Guaranteed To C*me Faster Than Yo Man. There is a reputation for the brand’s automated promotional messages being unorthodox, hilarious, and outrageous at times. There is no doubt that Twitterati shared their thoughts on the latest message.

Richard Saghian, who was born in an Iranian-American family, worked in retail at his father’s shop, Women’s Wear Daily, before founding Fashion Nova in 2006. During an interview, he credited his retail beginnings as the key to his success, saying: Without my brick-and-mortar experience as well as my online sales experience, I would not have been able to succeed. Paper Magazine reports that Fashion Nova’s majority of business comes from social media engagements, especially with Instagram influencers and models through the #NovaBabes campaign. Often called one of the first fashion entrepreneurs to understand the power of social media buying, the founder understands the value of social media. Among the brand’s celebrity partners are Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and Megan Thee Stallion.


Fashion Nova E-Commerce Company Funny Text Meme Takes Over Twitter

The Los Angeles-based fashion e-commerce company Fashion Nova is known not only for its clothing but also for its marketing campaigns. Founded in 2006 by CEO Richard Saghian, the brand sells expensive clubwear clothing out of a mall in California. In recent years, the company has grown with the help of social media and online sales, boasting annual sales of more than $1 billion, according to the Los Angeles Times. During its unorthodox marketing campaign on January 25, 2023, the company sent an automated text message, which led to an internet meme fest. “Fashion Nova: Guaranteed To Come Faster Than Yo Man.” This brand’s automated promotional messages are known for their humour and outrageousness. As expected, Twitterati had plenty to say about the latest message. Others shared some hilarious memes and comments about the marketing campaign, praising the attention-grabbing text. Twitter user said: Fashion Nova marketing is unmatched.

Think about what it would be like if you were a man and received these texts. Another user commented that Fashion Nova knows how to catch everyone’s attention. Richard Saghian, a native Iranian-American, was raised in an Iranian-American household. Before founding Fashion Nova in 2006, he worked at his father’s boutique, Women’s Wear Daily. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to succeed without all my retail experience, from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, he said in a recent interview. In an interview with Paper Magazine, Saghian explained that Fashion Nova receives most of its business from social media engagements with influencers and models through a campaign called #NovaBabes. It is often cited that the founder understood the power of social media buying way before other fashion entrepreneurs. Celebrities like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and Megan Thee Stalllion have partnered with the brand. In describing the purpose behind his marketing campaigns, Saghian once said: It helped me grow when I got into my customers’ minds early on.


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