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Who is Paola Miranda-Rosa? Florida Woman is Missing from the Alligator-Investor River

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Paola Miranda



As per sources, on December 2021, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office has received a missing report from a 31-year-old ladies’ family. The name of the missing lady is Paola Miranda-Rosa. They demanded conducting a search mission for the woman. A group of hikers helped the cops, in this case, three weeks later. They received footage of Paola Miranda-Rosa which is considered to be the last visual of her.

Her family is in relief that luckily they got Rosa’s information and now it can help them to find her. For searching Paola Miranda-Rosa, police have made the footage public so that people who can identify her may reach out to them with any information. This strategy can help the cops to connect the dots for reaching Paola Miranda-Rosa.

Florida As Centre of Interest for Missing Cases

In recent few months, Florida has reported many missing cases. In March 2021, an Orlando student was missing and his remains were found after a few weeks by the police. Also in October 2021, Brian Laundrie’s remains were found in Carlton Reserve and his last-known location was Florida only.


To date, the investigation is going on for searching Paola Miranda Rosa and her identity is still treated as a missing person. Police are expecting her to be alive. As of 5th January 2022, The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and AGG Marine deputies together are trying their best for locating Rosa as they have now swarmed the Wekiva Springs Park.

Where is Paola Miranda-Rosa?

According to Rosa’s family, she is having Bipolar Disorder. In past, she has tried to harm herself. But the cops are not sure if her disorder is connected with her last-known location or not. The officials are searching for Rosa in the Wekiva Springs Park which was her last location. On 18th December 2021, some of the videos and photos of her were found by the hikers in which Rosa is seen swimming in the Wekiva River.

Rosa’s family confirmed that the lady in the footage is Rosa only. But the river in which she was swimming has alligators which is an extremely worrying fact. Authority working in the park has assured us that the attack from the alligators is rare and we can hope that Rosa is safe. In the footage, Rosa was seen swimming alone in the river, and later a day after she was spotted at a relative’s apartment in Orlando.


In the 7000 acres State Park, now the cops have an idea as to where to conduct their search for Rosa. As per sources, Her vehicle was found, after some days of her missing, in the park. On 6th January the officials had deployed a camera with high-intensity underwater coverage in the river for finding any clue.

The physical features of Rosa are: She has brown eyes and red hair. She weighs 145 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. If you get to know anything about her then you can inform the Oscar County Sheriff’s Office at 407-348-2222.


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