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who is Lisa Schrody? Rapper Everlast’s Wife Files For Divorce

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Lisa Schrody



American rapper who goes by the stage name Everlast is soon to part ways from his wife Lisa Schrody as the latter files for divorce. While the couple married each other way back in 2009. Their reported divorce has come after a long time spending time with each other. But why is Lisa taking divorce from Everlast?

Read ahead to know more about Everlast’s wife Lisa Schrody filing for divorce from her husband.

Who is Lisa Schrody?

Lisa Schrody is a socially active former penthouse model who married the rapper Everlast. Everlast is however the rapper’s stage name and his real name is known as Eric Francis Schrody. While nothing much is known about Lisa, we know that she has two kids with her husband Everlast.


Her kids are however Laila who is 12 years old and Sadie who is 9 years old. Meanwhile, she has recently grabbed attention after filing for divorce with her husband Everlast whom she married in 2009.

Lisa Schrody filed for divorce from rapper Everlast

According to a report shared by TMZ, it came out that Everlast’s wife Lisa Schrody has filed for divorce from her husband. As per the docs mentioned by TMZ, Lisa Schrody’s filed divorce is dated on 8th December, last year. Meanwhile, she has stated the reason for her divorce as “irreconcilable differences”.

Lisa Schrody

Apart from that, her kids Laila & Sadie’s custody by Lisa is demanded to have joint legal & physical custody for the kids. Reports even state that she has desired to have Spousal support too.

Everlast’s reaction on the filed divorce

While the reports about the filed divorce by Lisa Schrody have been out by TMZ

, Everlast has still not spoken anything on the matter. Neither, Lisa has talked about it publicly. However, it’s certain with the reports that the 13 years of a long relationship between the couple is soon to end.

Although, the House of Pain icon is doing well in his professional life. He even got a Grammy Award back in the year 2000. His music is loved by many and is one of the most popular rappers in America. Meanwhile, alongside his still growing career, his personal life is on the verge of facing setbacks as his long-lasting marital life is now to end. Yet we wait for the rapper to speak up on the matter soon.


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