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Who is Lili Bernard? Bill Cosby Sued By Ex ‘Cosby Show’ Actress Lili for Sexual Assault

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Lili Bernard and Bill Cosby

Perhaps one of Bill Cosby’s numerous claimed accusers has formally launched a legal action versus him. Lili Bernard, a previous performer just On Cosby Show. Filed a lawsuit against the entertainer in a federal district court in New Jersey on Thursday.

In 2015, Lili Bernard stepped out with some of Cosby’s hundreds of alleged sexual assault sufferers. She claims that Bill Cosby sedated and assaulted her in 1990 while posing as her talent coach. The pair joined the cast of The Cosby Show in 1984, once the actress appeared in a cameo as Mrs. Minifield on the comedy.

Her recently filed complaint is consistent with New Jersey’s multiple look-back periods. Which permits victims of sexual assault to pursue legal charges. Against their assailants even though the assault happened beyond the conventional period prescribed. As per records provided by Media, Bernard is allegedly demanding at least $25 million.
“I’ve waited far too long to really be able to attain my claim in court. And I’m excited to be recognized as well as keep Cosby responsible as to what he inflicted to me,”. Lili Bernard said in a press. “Even though it happened years ago, I nevertheless suffer from dread, anguish, and humiliation each day of my existence.”

Who is Lili Bernard?

Merson Law, PLLC is representing Lili Bernard. As more than just a mom of six. She alleges she has struggled with depression, anxiety, PTSD, flashbacks, terrible physical and emotional. Among “other lasting disabilities” as a primary consequence of Cosby’s claimed the attack and subsequent harassment and threats.

The Allegations against Bill Cosby

Lili Bernard encountered Bill Cosby upon that premise of his famous family drama. The Cosby Show, and volunteered for being her acting coach. He allegedly said he was “looking upon Ms. Bernard as if she had been his child” and frequently spent some time emphasizing. “Chastity was indeed a virtue, cautioned her of Cinema’s sexual demands.”. He also told her that she would rather call him “Daddy”. 


Documents further reveal threats and harassment methods used by Bill Cosby on Lili Bernard following the attack. As well as numerous other reported incidents of violence, molestation, and forcible drugging here between the two. He reportedly threatened to attack the girl for reputation damage, to hinder her career as an actor.

Bill Cosby

And also to “destroy” her if she disclosed some of the other claimed occurrences to authorities. Cosby was freed from a Pennsylvania prison in June. Following completing two years of a 3 to 10 term on accusations. Related to an allegedly coordinated incident in 2004. Owing to a past “non-prosecution deal” with a defense attorney, the state supreme court reversed his guilty verdict.


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