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Who is Idkijustworkh11? Addison Rae Video Leak on Twitter Rumors Debunked

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American social media personality is always in the limelight. Be it her TikTok, movies, or brand collaborations, the 21-year-old is winning hearts. 

She is now the topic of discussion on Twitter and but for the wrong reasons. Apparently, an unknown Twitter with the username @idkijustworkh11 posted an x rated video of Addison Rae.

Who is idkijustworkh11?

idkijustworkh11 is an anonymous Twitter account with no information about the owner. 

The user joined Twitter in October 2020 and has posted a total of three times ever since. 

All three posts are sexually explicit videos of Addison Rae posted last year.

Although the account hasn’t been active for months, the videos are now going viral and people seem to be divided over the issue.

While some people are claiming that the girl in the state of compromise in the video is in fact Addison, others are saying that the video is photoshopped. 


Is the video real or not?

Even though the video appears to be real, it is highly edited. 

This is just another case of Deep Fake. Addison’s face has been photoshopped over someone else’s. Since Addison has millions of followers and fans, she also has haters and people who try to defame her. Female celebrities are often victims of such edits and hoaxes. 

Although many fans have urged people to report such videos and try not sharing them, Addison hasn’t commented on the issue till now. 

What is Deep Fake and how to spot it?

Deep fake is a very professional form of editing and it can be used to create convincing photos and videos from scratch while they are totally fictional. Most of these edits involve pornographic images.


Even though deep fakes use artificial intelligence and can occur pretty real, there are still some ways we can find out if the media is real or not. 

We should always look for face outlines and see if it is glitching, uncommon things like very smooth or very wrinkly skin, inconsistent lightning or flicker. Look out for eyes and eyebrows and see if shadows appear unnecessarily. Also, look if the facial features appear in proportion to the whole face. Sometimes the editing is easier to spot but many times it looks almost real. 

In many countries, it is illegal to create such videos or images of a person without their consent. The victim can file a case against the creator for this.


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