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KSI Speaks Up About His Relationship on Sidemen Reddit Show: Check Out His Ex-Girlfriend List

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KSI girlfriend

Recently, KSI had a breakup with his girlfriend about which he shared his experience on the Sideman Reddit Show. While he and his musical group was sitting for a chat session on the Sideman Reddit Show, the YouTuber hinted about his recent breakup.

KSI is a 28-year-old star who was in a love with his girlfriend before they separated recently. Rumors about his breakup started getting on the surface in early November. All this started with a cryptic Instagram post.

Now, that post is not available on the Instagram handle of KSI that stated two words “single and alone” written as a caption.

Who are KSI’s Ex-Girlfriends?

Although the YouTuber, KSI, has always kept his love life private but still his fans manage to find the details about his personal life. Details about whom he is dating usually reach out to the fans in one or another way.


The YouTuber has indirectly told about her recent Girlfriend and separation with her, with the sidemen band members. But currently, the name of his romantic partner in 2021 is still unknown.

But we have some knowledge about his previous dating partners and ex-girlfriends. Almost everyone who knows KSI must have some knowledge about his high school sweetheart. That girl is a social media influencer whose name is Seana Cuthbert.

KSI girlfriend

KSI and Seana Cuthbert were dating each other since they were in high school and then separates their ways, in the year 2014, because for some reasons that are unknown. KSI was in limelight in 2017 again because of his new committed relationship. This time his relationship was a secret and still, we do not know about his new lady love.

As per sources, the name of that girl was something Lois Sharpe, who once appeared in KSI’s video which is now deleted. The title of that video was “Mauritius With My Girlfriend.”


Between the year 2018-19, the YouTuber was linked to a social media influencer and model Nia Pickering. As per sources, they were dating each other but never confirmed.

KSI’s Relationship in 2021

On a talk show with Sidemen members Vikram Singh Barn, Ethan Payne, TBJZL, KSI shared how he had adopted a hamster.

While the stars, who attended the talk show, were talking about their pets, KSI told that he had a hamster. Later TBJZL, Tobit John Brown put his point forward and made a remark by saying that “KSI had lost custody of that hamster.”

Fans quickly pick that particular point and thought that it was hinting at the recent break-up of KSI with his ex-girlfriend.


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