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Who is Ezra Blount? Boy Injured in Astroworld on Life Support, Dad: Not Losing Him

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Ezra Blount

Another heartbreaking news has revealed that a 9-year-old boy, Ezra Blount is fighting for his life after being injured at the Astroworld festival. Ezra is one among many people fighting for their lives after the concert. 

Who is Ezra Blount?

Ezra Blount lives with his family in Houston. He and his father, Treston both went to the Travis Scott concert. An aunt of Ezra revealed that he became a fan of the sicko mode singer through Fortnite while his father was already a fan of him. 

The dad-son outing which was supposed to be a bonding time quickly turned into a tragedy.

Ezra Blount

What Happened To Ezra Blount?

Ezra Blount went to the concert with his dad. After seeing people push each other and witnessing the situation get out of control, his dad lifted him on his shoulders to keep the little boy safe. However, the situation only got worse.

As the crowd surged towards them, Ezra fell off of his dad’s shoulders and got crushed. Meanwhile, Treston too fell and passed out as the crowd didn’t stop. 


Ezra Blount was admitted to the hospital under the name John Doe while he was still unconscious. This m ade it difficult for his family to find him. It breaks the heart to know that his family didn’t even know his whereabouts for hours when he was in the hospital. 

Ezra Blount

Ezra’s aunt revealed that he is in a coma right now. His aunt, Taylor said, “He’s suffering from increasingly worsening brain swelling and his organs (liver, lungs) are also damaged. We were told he wasn’t expected to live, but it’s been three days so we’re praying he pulls through. He’s a fighter,”

Ezra’s grandfather expressed his feelings overseeing his grandson lay in bed unconscious and said, “he didn’t deserve this”. He also questioned the authorities and the singer who did not take any measures for the safety of people. 

His family is hoping and praying to see his smiling face once he comes out of the coma.

Families Have Decided To Take Action Against Travis Scott

Eight people lost their lives in the incident. Members of a few victims have decided to file a lawsuit against the singer and his team. 

A video of Basil Baig, Danish Baig’s brother surfaced online where he was crying and said that all the people ( Travis Scott and his team)  responsible for this should pay the price. Danish Baig was one of the eight people who died in the event while he was trying to save his fiancée.


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