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Who is Aliia Roza? Former Russian Spy Turns on Vladimir Putin Over Ukraine

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Aliia Roza

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Aliia Roza, The former Russian spy, who now lives in Los Angeles, recently blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine invasion, saying he “will do anything” to win the conflict. Currently, the former spy lives in the US and works as a PR. She is the same Russian spy who fell in love with her target.

Aliia Roza reveals about Putin

Los Angeles resident and former Russian intelligence officer have lashed out at Russian President Vladimir Putin over the ongoing Ukraine invasion, warning that he “will stop at nothing” to win. The world’s leaders have already labeled Putin a war criminal for unleashing atrocities on civilians in Ukraine. In order to win over cities, his forces have used violent bombing, shelling, and gunfire. Moreover, 69-year-old President Vladimir Putin’s former spy Aliia Roza has criticized him for his authoritarian nature.

Aliia Roza revealed that she was trained in the same military program as Putin. The program teaches them to stay calm and cold-blooded in a very stressful situation. Furthermore, she revealed that Putin always wins. He will not bow down and take his steps back as it’ll hamper his reputation. She said that Putin will go till the end and will stop at nothing. In her comment, she said that Putin wants “full control” over Ukraine and to replace President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a new leader.


Aliia Roza revealed his strategy, saying that Putin aims not to let NATO place any rockets or weapons in Ukraine. He will go to do everything he can to achieve his goal. However, what he did not expect was Ukraine to fight back. Moreover, he also did not expect that the entire world will be in favor of Ukraine. Additionally, she revealed that her family and friends in both Ukraine and Russia are scared of Putin. Aliia Roza speaks to her friends and family every day. They have told her that usually, the Russian soldiers don’t get to choose if they have to go to the war. Russians over 45 are following Putin’s regime and going to the war because they are scared of Putin.

Who is Aliia Roza?

Last year, Roza gained immense popularity when it came to light that she was actually a former Russian spy who had fallen in love with her target. The 37-year-old was barely able to escape from Russia after failing her mission but later moved to the US.

In her teenage years, Aliia Roza underwent training to be a spy by the Soviet Union. In the end, things turned out quite differently for her. She had an affair with the man she aimed to be honey trapping and gathering information about. It was on her first mission as a spy, in 2004, that she met her love interest, Vladimir. Even the best spy movies can’t compare with Roza’s real-life experiences. When she attempted to carry out her task, Vladimir’s associates discovered her real identity. They put her into a car and took her into the forest at a very dark hour. Moreover, 10 men started beating her. However, Vladimir saved her but died shortly afterward.

Two years later, Rosa married a Russian oligarch. But her husband faced prison and eventually died there. As a result, she fled Russia with her son Platon and currently lives in Los Angeles. Currently, the former spy works in PR and lives a luxurious lifestyle.


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