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Where to buy Spilt Milk Festival 2022 Tickets, Prices, Lineup, and Dates

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Spilt Milk Festival 2022

Attendees at Spilt Milk 2019 in Ballarat. CREDIT: Jordan Munns.


If you are looking for yet another festival to enjoy, we have the announcements available for Spilt Milk Festival 2022. Well, this festival of Australia has already given out its details about dates and venues for this year. Alongside this, you can also know where to get the tickets for the festival to grab as soon as possible. So, what can you expect from the Spilt Milk Festival 2022 this time?

Read ahead to know more about Spilt Milk Festival 2022 and its other details for the event.

Spilt Milk Festival 2022 Dates Announced

Well, to begin with, the dates of the Australian festival Spilt Milk Festival 2022. We have the event happening from the month of November. To be specific with the dates then the November date booked for the event is actually on the 26th. As of 26th, the festival will begin in Exhibition Park in Canberra.


The two other dates for the festival are thus 3rd December and 4th December. While you can have the 3rd December event happen in Victoria Park, Ballarat. The 4th December event will take place in Doug Jennings Park, Gold Coast. Furthermore, the announcement has also been about the lineup of the festival.

The lineup for Spilt Milk Festival 2022

For all those who are excited about the lineup of the Spilt Milk Festival 2022. The headliners for the festival are going to be Stormzy, The Wombats, and Flume. The lineup are thus to have A. Girl, Beddy Rays, Fisher, Hayden James, Kobie Dee, Mallrat, Little Fritter, etc.

Some more to have at the festival this year are G Flip, King Stingray, Latifa Tee, Peach PRC, Billy Xane, etc. Also, the different venues are to have different performances to happen too. Meanwhile, we also have updates on the ticket availability of the Spilt Milk Festival 2022.


Tickets details for Spilt Milk Festival 2022

Though the event is to happen at the year-end. However, the tickets for the festival are already to be out for presale. Well, if you are keen on grabbing your tickets then here’s what you should know about it. The tickets are to be available on the official website of the festival from May 3rd at 8 am AEST.

The ticket prices as per the first, second and third releases for General Admission are however to be at $129.95, $139.95 and $149.95. The sitting pretty passes are to be available at $299.95. The other important details about the tickets can be checked on the official website of the festival though.


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