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Where to buy Kendrick Lamar The Big Steppers 2022 Tour Tickets, and Dates

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Big Steppers tour 2022

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With each passing day, we are getting updated on one or the other fests and tours with the latest one announced from Kendrick Lamar as he is coming up with The Big Steppers tour 2022. Fans of him as such are super excited to know what’s going to be special about Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming tour?

Read ahead to know more about Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming The Big Steppers and its other details.

Kendrick Lamar’s The Big Steppers dates announced

Among the long list of tours happening this year. We have Kendrick Lamar in support of his new album coming with The Big Steppers tour. In fact, the dates of the tour is already out. While we have the tour kick start from Oklahoma on July 19th. The tour is to take everyone through Europe and Australia.

Finally, to conclude the tour of Lamar. We will have him performing in New Zealand. The long tour of Lamar is ultimately to stop towards the end of this year. Meanwhile, all his fans are already excited to know what they can expect from the tour of him. So, here’s what we know about it.

What to expect from The Big Steppers tour 2022?

While you must be excited to know who might be accompanying Lamar on his this year’s tour. We have his nephew at the top of the list to join him. Yes, Baby Keem is going to be there with Lamar throughout his tour of The Big Steppers. Additionally, we do have some people to join with Lamar too.

Tanna Leone, who can be seen in the album with Lamar is also joining him on this tour. However, Tanna would be only seen on selected dates of the tour and not throughout the tour. Not to forget, the tour of Lamar this year has a tagline saying “Come help Mr. Morale get out of the box”.


Tickets details for The Big Steppers tour 2022

Well, since the tour of Lamar this year is round the corner. We bet you must be looking forward to grab the tickets of the tour asap. Hence, on May 20th at 12:00 pm PT, the general public would be able to hold their tickets in the US. Presale of the tickets for the tour is however happening on May 19th at 10:00 am PT via the Cash app.

For buying the tickets though, you can have them available on the Ticketmaster site. Further, the categories of the tickets are also available on the website.


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