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TikTok: ‘I was born a dog’ Trend and Videos Explored

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TikTok I was born a dog



If you think TikTok is only for humans and only they can go popular, you are wrong as these days “I was born a dog” is going viral that’s trending because of the pets. Well yes, this new trend is just winning the hearts of all and users can’t get enough of it. But, what’s so special about this “I was born a dog” trend on TikTok?

Read ahead to know more about “I was born a dog” trend going viral on TikTok.

“I was born a dog” trend going viral on TikTok

Well, TikTok just focuses on the content that’s earning a lot of attention from the users. While we had enough of humans going viral for their content. Lately, their furry pets are going even more popular on TikTok. In fact, they are gaining more popularity than humans-oriented videos.

@rott_n_chugs My furever baby 🥰🥹 #identifyas #PeanutTheChug #grumpydog #funnydog #justababy #cutedog #mommasboy #chihuahua
#pug #tinydog #petsoftiktok #dog ♬ I was born a dog – Rott_n_chugs

The latest video of the “I was born a dog” trend is actually from a TikTok user rott_n_chugs. The user actually posts videos with three dogs namely Peanut, Daisy, and Harley. The video posted by this user showed one of his dogs along with the sound “I was born a dog” and it’s going insanely viral.

What’s so special about the “I was born a dog” trend?

Well, the TikToker rott_n_chugs, had its video posted with a peanut dog who looked cute in the video. However, what was making the video of the cute peanut more lovable was the sound that said “I was born a dog. I identify as a dog. But according to my mom…I’m just a baby”.

@rott_n_chugs My furever baby 🥰🥹 #identifyas #PeanutTheChug #grumpydog #funnydog #justababy #cutedog #mommasboy #chihuahua #pug #tinydog #petsoftiktok #dog ♬ I was born a dog – Rott_n_chugs

The viral video of “I was born a dog” is just making everyone crazy over it. In fact, the viral trend has got millions of views so far. Including likes that are just worthy enough for the lovely pet in the viral video of rott_n_chugs. While its craze is just growing with the passage of time.


Users’ reaction to the viral “I was born a dog”

The videos TikTok because of its huge user base helps in making a video go insanely popular in no time. However, cute pets are loved by all and they have their own craze on TikTok. While it isn’t the first time when an animal or pet’s video has gone viral. We had many such videos going popular.

@little.blooming.women Did. She. Stutter? #parenting #toddler #toddlersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Jordan

In fact, this new trend “ I was born a dog” too is making everyone try it with their pets. In fact, several videos so far on the trend are posted and it’s the cutest of all the videos.


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