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When Will Kevin the Carrot 2021 Toys Release at Aldi Store? Christmas Ad Explored

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Kevin the Carrot

As seen in Aldi’s Christmas campaign, which debuted on November 11th, Kevin the Carrot has returned. Kevin will be back on our televisions, as well as in Aldi stores around the country, according to Aldi’s official website.

Kevin and his family have their own page on the Aldi website where they can get updates.

“We know you’re looking forward to seeing Kevin for the first time in 2021. Aldi explained at the time, “but we haven’t seen him or his family since Christmas 2020.”

“If he calls us, we’ll let you know. Until then, we’ve compiled a list of Kevin’s best moments during his career. “There are so many wonderful adventures,” says the narrator.

Release Date For Kevin The Carrot Plush Toys In 2021

Kevin the Carrot plush toys will be sold in Aldi stores across the UK starting November 25th, 2021. The plush vegetables are only available on a “first-come, first-served” basis, so get to the store as soon as possible.


Kevin the Carrot, a supermarket shopkeeper, debuted his campaign in early November of last year. Kevin has experienced a number of Christmas adventures, including becoming separated from his family and being saved by a kind hedgehog, as well as fighting the Leafy Blinders.

Other retailers that have released advertisements include Marks & Spencer, Boots, Very, and Sports Direct.

Kevin the Carrot

Excited Twitter Users For Kevin’s Return

Hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to express their delight at Kevin the Carrot’s reappearance.

Where Can I Buy Kevin The Carrot 2021?

From November 25th, Kevin’s plush toys will be available in Aldi stores across the country.

While we are accustomed to purchasing bags of carrots, these are unique in that shoppers will be limited to two toys per shopping. Kevin is dressed in a double-breasted purple jacket, shirt, and jumper in honor of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ theme.

It’s been dubbed ‘A Christmas Carrot by Charles Chickens’ by the grocer, which has placed its own culinary imprint on it. Kevin’s price has not yet been revealed, but last year’s pilot Kevin cost £3.99, with a limited edition giant Kevin costing £19.99.


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