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What Is ‘Moon Phase On My Birthday’ On TikTok, How To Calculate?

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Moon Phase On My Birthday



Are you interested in the moon’s appearance during your birthday and what that might necessarily imply? Users on TikTok are constantly analyzing the moon phase on certain birthdays. As well as the outcomes, which are making them emotional. It is thought that perhaps the moon phase in which you have been born. Seems to have a major impact on your character, attitude, and sometimes even destiny.

We are here with a new TikTok trend, which is buzzing the internet these days. People all around the globe are participating in the “Moon Phase on my Birthday” TikTok trend. Let’s take a look at this trend and can you Calculate Moon Phase on my birthday yourself. Stay tuned to stay updated.

How To Calculate The Moon Phase On My Birthday?

By filling in the blanks a few facts on the ‘Moonphase calculator’. Anyone nowadays can find out just what the moon appeared like the one on your birthday. Even though it was decades previously.

@carissa.chiarelli the fact they match up perfectly freaks me out @nickkvezzi ♬ original sound – Tori

Webpages like and Moonglow’s Moonphase Calculator become popular among people on social media. All you would do is input your date of birth into the calculators on any of the websites. And indeed the outcome will show instantly.


It will include a photo of the moon phase during your birthday, as well as the brightness %. Your birthday would be paired to one of the moon’s 8 cycles.

Moon Phase On My Birthday: Personality Check

This is not just about how brilliant or black the moon was on our birthdays; but also about the phase, it’s in, which is said to have a significant impact on our temperament. You’re more likely to be “warm, compassionate, and caring”. If you had been born on the day the moon was nearer to its greatest brightness. This would be the Waxing Gibbous stage. An individual whose birthday occurs during the Unique Waning period after the Full Moon. On the other hand, is thought to really be “intelligent and observant”. Try out the tool to see which was of your characteristics are influenced by the moon phase on your birthday.

The moon phases on my birthday’ trend have now been picked up by TikTok members. They have also been posting the outcomes on social platforms.

Moon Phase On My Birthday Trend Tiktok

Several individuals calculate the moon phase on their birthdays to help comprehend their conduct. And to contrast it to respective spouses’ compatibility. Several of the tweets illustrate how ecstatic some people would be with the outcome.

“Guys, I matched mine as well as my boyfriend’s birthdays and also the lunar phases of each day. Explain to me it’s not sweet, it was like we fill in the blanks,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I recently discovered that out my boyfriend’s moon phase, as well as my birthday, are both full,” another commented.


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