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Meet Sid Wilson As Kelly Osbourne Goes Instagram Official With Boyfriend Slipknot DJ

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Sid Wilson

Sid Wilson of Slipknot is in rumors of romantically being involved in Kelly Osbourne. Even though the news has not been verified, the latter’s Instagram story appears to indicate that they have been dating. On January 17, the actress reportedly shared two photos with Sid, according to reports. The first one was a soft-smiling picture, while the next seemed to have the DJ kissing Osbourne on the cheek. Despite the fact that their dating life is unknown, they appear to enjoy one other’s presence. Kelly and Sid, on the other hand, have yet to make a public statement about the reports.

Who is Sid Wilson?

A well-known DJ, keyboardist, rapper, and musician who was born on January 20, 1977, as Sidney George Wilson. Until guitarist Alessandro Venturella as well as musician Jay Weinberg joined the group, he was indeed the group’s youngest. DJ Starscream, a Transformers figure, is the stage name of the Des Moines, Iowa resident. Together with background sound and sounds, he supplies scratches, audio effects, other horror-like noises to Slipknot. During the formative days of Slipknot, the singer was famous for stage diving. And in 2008, he fractured his heels whilst landing ten feet first from the platform.

Sid Wilson
Image via Kelly Osbourne/Instagram

He is officially attached to the Japanese record company N20 Productions. And also has a large fanbase in Japan as just a bush artist beyond the group. He recently worked on a tune titled HAKAI with singer Hiroshi Kyono. As well the music’s version was included with the mini-album Nu Riot as well as the 2008 record Hakai.
The 45-year-old has really been traveling with his single group SID beginning August 2010. And as such he’s the lead singer. SID, their debut album, was first available as a downloader in September 2011.


Kelly Osbourne Dating Life

In September 2006, the 37-year-old began dating singer Matty Derman of such group Fields. In 2008, she began dating supermodel Luke Worrall, as well as the two, became engaged in 2009. Worrall and Osbourne divorced in 2010.
Kelly Osbourne has disclosed that she suffers from misophonia, a sound phobia linked to the mouth that leads to rage.

Kelly Osbourne net worth is $16 million. As being an English vocalist, actor, tv presenter, novelist, and clothes creator. Kelly gained fame after appearing on the MTV tv program “The Osbournes” alongside her family. Osbourne has battled substance abuse for the past 6 years. Attending treatment 4 times and spending 3 days in a mental hospital following her mother admitted her.


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